Hunter Biden Sabotaging America’s Critical Interests AGAIN

The latest emails reviewed by Fox Business revealed Hunter Biden’s stakes in a Chinese company run by executives with direct relations with the Communist Party of China.

Hunter Biden has business relations with China

In March 2017, Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden’s business partner, sent him an email; he described Hunter’s firm, Rosemont Seneca Advisors, had a five percent stake in Harves Amusement Parks, alongside stakes in Harves Sports and Entertainment.

Both of these entities have the same parent company, i.e., Harves Century Group, which has headquarters in Shenyang, China; a Chinese state-owned development bank backs it, as well.

Hunter became aware of the Harves group in 2015 when Francis Person, Joe Biden’s adviser at that time, emailed Hunter and invited him to China for a business meeting with Chinese business tycoon Bo Zhang.

The email from Hunter’s partner stated Bo Zhang and his family would be their host in China, who further claimed this family had great relationships in the country. 

Likewise, Person noted that Bo’s father-in-law was the governor of a Chinese province Hainan, so he would not tell anyone about Hunter coming to the country.

While Hunter did not visit China on the date recommended in the email, both of them met with Zhang in Washington multiple times. They also continued emailing each other, regarding Harves-related business matters.

According to one of Hunter’s emails, Zhang is his “good friend and business colleague.”

Hunter Biden facing multiple troubles these days

However, this is not the only matter for which Hunter Biden is navigating the troubling waters.

Two Republican senators, namely Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson, wrote a letter to the US Secret Service director on Tuesday. This letter mentioned the agency redacted information regarding Hunter Biden’s travel to different countries without legal justification.

As per the letter, the Secret Service documents do not mention Hunter’s trip to Kazakhstan during his Paris visit of 2014.

Last year, the Washington Examiner reported Hunter Biden traveled to Kazakhstan by ditching his Secret Service bodyguards to seal a deal on behalf of a Ukrainian company, Busrisma.

The lower chamber of Congress also seems to be fed up with the president’s son, as Rep. James Comer demanded answers regarding his business deals with a Chinese company. 

Reportedly, Hunter Biden helped a foreign company in 2016 to buy an African cobalt mine, which is one of the largest cobalt sources in the entire world.

Thus, the Republican lawmaker asked the National Archives to provide information about Hunter’s role in the transaction.

“Hunter Biden” by Thomas Hawk is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

In his letter, the congressman wrote Americans want to know why the Obama administration was silent, amid Hunter Biden’s assistance to a Chinese company in acquiring a precious asset like Cobalt.

In June 2021, the Biden-led White House claimed cobalt in the hands of China signifies a threat to American interests.