Hunter Biden Ordered to Go to Prison, But Still Has Way Out

Prodigal First Son Hunter Biden may end up in prison sooner than anybody expected.

A judge in a child support case, involving a daughter he has with a stripper, ordered him to be imprisoned for a year and pay a hefty fine.

That’s unless he manages to produce paperwork informing the court about his financial situation and show up in person at a hearing in July.

Child Support Case on Top of All Else

Hunter Biden has been an embarrassment to this world and basic human decency in so many ways, but one of them is his current child support trial in Independence County, Arkansas.

The First Son’s fifth child is a four-year-old girl, Navy Roberts, whom he had out of wedlock with Lunden Roberts, an Arkansas stripper.

Joe Biden’s son has been paying $20,000 per month in child support to Roberts, but in September, he decided that was too much. Hunter filed for a reassessment of the monthly payments with the argument he is “unemployed.”

Yet, the case has taken an ugly turn for Sleepy Joe’s offspring. Navy’s mother demanded even bigger child support payments and asked the judge to allow her daughter to bear the Biden family name – apparently oblivious to how much it has been disgraced already.

In any case, Hunter Biden failed to produce the needed financial documents, with his lawyer arguing some of them remained on his long-lost “laptop from hell.”

Hunter Could Be Held in Contempt

Judge Holly Meyer of the Arkansas Circuit Court has now taken a step in holding Hunter Biden accountable.

She ordered him to appear in person next month and supply the needed financial information under threat of being sent to jail for a year and paying a $20,000 fine, The Washington Free Beacon reports.

Last month, Lunden Alexis Roberts asked the judge to hold Hunter in contempt, both civil and criminal, for failing to produce the required financial documentation.

The reports stress that the hearing scheduled for July 10 could “complicate” Hunter Biden’s “legal issues.”

Apart from his child support lawsuit in Arkansas, Sleepy Joe’s prodigal son is the subject of a federal tax investigation and a probe by the GOP-led House Oversight Committee.

This committee looking into whether the entire Biden family was involved in influence peddling in exchange for foreign bribes.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.