Hunter Biden Gets Blindsided By New Website

Hunter Biden’s laptop came out right before the 2020 election and was suppressed by the Deep State and Big Tech.

We know and have proof of that, including top intelligence officials who were pressured into lying that the laptop was “Russian disinformation.

Now, the laptop’s photos and content, as well as Hunter’s phone content have been released on a new website.

Over 10,000 Pics From 2008 to 2019

The new website includes over 10,000 photos from 2008 to 2019, as well as Whatsapp messages, emails, and more.

The site,, was launched by former Trump official Garrett Ziegler via his nonprofit group Marco Polo.

The site is currently crashing due to the high amount of people visiting it, but the server is expected to calm down in the coming days.

Everyone will be able to see just what kind of wild and bizarre things are all over Hunter’s devices. It’s worth remembering that Joe Biden has called his son Hunter “the smartest” person he knows.

Is The Site Censored?

Genitals are censored out of the photos, as well as personal financial information like credit card numbers, but other than that, these photos aren’t censored or curated.

They’re simply divided up by categories, such as phone photos and laptop photos. Ziegler said the purposes of the site are full “transparency” and to have an honest look at the first family.

This isn’t just dirty photos or scandalous ones. It also has photos that show happy family moments and the good side of the family.

One particularly controversial thing on this site is screenshots of a very scandalous conversation between Hunter and his brother Beau’s widow Hallie Biden.

What’s Next?

The Biden regime is already trying to get the IRS to go after Ziegler’s Marco Polo group.

There’s no doubt that government-funded hackers will do their best to try to hack the site as well. Whereas for now, the photos are evidence is there for you to see yourself at

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.