Hunter Biden Back in the News Due to Republicans Leading Investigations

Republicans have renewed requests for Treasury authorities to provide records related to President Biden’s son, Hunter, and Hunter’s international banking/commercial dealings. This comes as Republicans move quickly to complete long-promised probes into him.

Republicans Want Answers

Now in charge of the House, the GOP members are requesting any unusual activity assessments, or SARs, that banks may have used to identify transactions that involve Hunter Biden, as well as other Biden relatives, that they consider suspiciously big.

Additionally, they demand former Twitter employees appear and respond to inquiries on the purported withholding of data concerning Biden’s family.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Representative James Comer of Kentucky, the incoming chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, said supervision and accountability are inevitable, now that Democrats do not have dominance in Washington anymore.

Republicans intend to conduct a number of investigations within the next two years, one of which is into the commercial transactions of the Biden family. Biden has been assembling a team of advisers with relevant experience in order to prepare for the blitz.

His advisors are relying on employees of federal agencies, congressional Democrats, and a resurrected outside group to assist in fending off GOP-led investigations.

The committee’s decision was dubbed a politicized stunt by the White House.

According to spokesman Ian Sims, their first week as a ruling majority, House Republicans haven’t yet taken any constructive action to combat inflation and decrease Americans’ costs.

Yet, they are launching into political games motivated by the most extreme MAGA representatives of their caucus in an attempt to generate publicity on Fox News.

Republicans in Congress, including Comer, have claimed they had proof that Hunter and Joe Biden’s funds, credit cards, and banking information were shared, if not combined.

In an initial report produced in November, Comer and other committee Republicans made some of the material they had been gathering public.

The Department of Treasury has at least 150 Suspicious Activity Reporting (SARs) relating to financial transactions involving Biden family members, according to that report.

The Biden administration altered long-standing legislation and is now refusing to yield or allow access to the SARs for the Biden family. This is what Republicans claimed in their report.

Now, Comer urges in a communication to Yellen that a collection of documents be sent no later than January 25.

American People Deserve the Truth

These documents include “all SARs” produced in relation to Hunter Biden, James Biden, the president’s younger sibling, and his wife Sara, in addition to Hunter Biden’s connections.

The American people need to be informed about Joe Biden’s role in his family’s dubious business dealings and whether they endanger national security or his ability to make sound decisions as president, according to Comer.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.