Hungary PM Backs Donald Trump In November US Election

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The PM of Hungary, Orban, has always been a proponent of Donald Trump’s unique leadership style. He has come out in support of the President just before the impending election in November.

According to him, world leaders are being forced with moral imperialism from the liberal proponents, which conservative leaders like himself refuse to accept.

This is why he is excited for another term of President Trump and has expressed his complete support and faith in him.

Coming from one of the most powerful political leaders of the century, this endorsement is a welcome move for the Trump campaign. It gives them hope for future alliances and trade possibilities.

“We root for Donald Trump`s victory because we know well American Democratic governments` diplomacy, built on moral imperialism. We have been forced to sample it before; we did not like it; we do not want seconds,” he said.

As America is at the helm of many global organizations and impacts global trade and treaties in a major way, it is understandable why he wants to align with somebody who focuses on the same moral values as him and prioritizes conservative thinking.

President Orban is up for re-election in 2022

President Orban has been running on a nationalist platform. His re-election has not been that sought-after in the country, and he is facing a big challenge in the upcoming election in 2022. Like most countries, Hungary has also had a huge economic and social impact because of coronavirus. This has only made the challenge of him getting re-elected in the parliament elections even harder. Although he had been a leader for over a decade, things seem not to be going as smoothly for president Orban as it could be.

Protests and opposition have been a part of his campaign, and a lot of liberal leaders have expressed concern on the way he has conducted his operation in the past. We believe this is what he is referring to when referring to the moral imperialism.

He is a man of faith and is a Christian conservative. Ideally, he is supposed to identify with Donald Trump based on that alone. Their values, ethics, and morals on many grounds collide on their faith and beliefs. He has expressed his concern about the international liberal elite being out to destroy the conservative thoughts and values and suppressing these voices all across Europe. This is why he does not want to see another champion of conservatism pass the torch to a Democratic president.

Conservatives need to fight back

As his decision to be re-elected in the office in 2022 will become final soon, he is concerned about the bureaucrats, NGOs, and civil organizations fighting for the rights of their constituents and opposing his reelection.

A lot of Central European countries have faced economic difficulties, and they are out for blood in this re-election. To president Orban, climate goals that were increased this year seem absurd, and he does not feel that he needs to meet them. He does not also believe in a common tax code and a multicultural society where immigrants and refugees can integrate freely. All of these beliefs align with the policies Donald Trump has created and have become successful.

Orban opposing EU regulations

The EU will try to bring a multitrillion Euro worth of revival plan after the pandemic, and key discussions need to happen amongst various members of the states. The other members of the states have expressed their displeasure on the self-styled bureaucrat, and they want to regulate Orban much more strongly than he was previously to ensure that the funds are disbursed correctly.

The fact that the EU wants the funds to be disbursed with strict conditions has a lot of complaints from Orban, and he considers that it is blackmail to hold the aid funds. Whether Orban gets elected or not also depends on whether Angela Merkel will be re-elected as chancellor as her term is nearing towards the end.