Homelessness Crisis in Washington DC Touches New Heights

Too many tent cities in Washington, D.C. have destroyed the beauty of America’s capital. Both tourists and locals are blaming Democrats for promoting homelessness in the blue city, despite championing human rights.

Homelessness Crisis Getting Worse in Washington

The New York Post recently completed a survey of Washington, DC’s homeless facilities and found an overwhelming number of street wanderers and homeless people near the important buildings and monuments of the city.

For instance, 20 vagrants were found near the State Department complex. Reportedly, Washington DC is home to 120 tent cities these days where homeless people are residing, not to mention the numbers are rising at a rapid pace.

Long-time residents of Washington DC are also fed up with the surging housing crisis in their city.

One resident, Robert Westover, noted the so-called progressive government is letting people suffer on the street, which shows the city is in medieval times right now.

Tourists are also shocked to see the tent cities in Washington. A tourist from Cameroon, Elvis Shu, claimed it is known in America that nobody lacks basic necessities in the country, which does not seem to be true after watching these people sitting on roads.

Another tourist from Israel, Moti, noted they were not expecting homeless people wandering near the White House. Moti’s wife, Orli, stated this city is led by Democrats who claim to be progressive, but they are unable to take care of homeless people.

Homeless People Also Fed Up With Democrats 

Different homeless people also lashed out at the poor government policies which are increasing their suffering. One homeless person, Daniel Kingery, acknowledged many homeless people have become violent to tourists, which is disturbing the peace of the city.

Many vagrants are even drug-addicted and mentally disturbed. Another homeless person, William Everett Randolph, stated all of the residents of tent cities usually look for each other, as hospitals have refused to treat them due to a lack of money. 

Similarly, Randolph added all the homeless people have to live like a family and provide security to each other; some drug addicts can break into random tents to steal small possessions which they sell to buy drugs.

Even though Democrats claim to promote human rights, the number of tent cities in Washington DC has significantly increased since Biden’s inauguration, as per Kingery.

In addition to that, Kingery was disappointed by human rights organizations.

He stated almost all the activists are helping people in the same way, which means all of them bring so much food for homeless people that it ends up getting wasted.

The homelessness crisis in Washington, DC, is getting worse, due to the skyrocketing rents in the city. Currently, the median rent in the nation’s capital is $1,976, which is just behind New York City for any metro area in America.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.