Historical Incompetence: Biden Breaking All Records

In just 15 months, Biden has broken all records of incompetence, leaving behind the likes of former President Jimmy Carter.

These failures are apparent in Biden’s economic policies, which he has been imposing on America since January last year.

Biden: Following the Disastrous Steps of Jimmy Carter

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry chided Biden in a Fox News op-ed.

According to him, Biden has been the poorest sign for the American economy among all presidents to date. He left Americans with 8.5 percent inflation, while energy prices rose by 32 percent since last year.

He recalled the times of Jimmy Carter, noting that back then, there used to be extremely long queues at pumps, amid the staggering inflation.

Thus, the “terrible policies” of Carter made Americans suffer during the Cold War era, Perry noted.

Now, history is repeating itself, Perry continued, as Biden is borrowing the plot from Carter’s playbook.

According to the former governor, some of the reasons for staggering inflation are the unlimited spending spree and anti-manufacturing policies of Biden.

This is made possible, due to the unassertive stance of Biden’s foreign policy regarding the same enemy which Jimmy Carter was facing: Russia.

In the times of Carter, the US failed to embolden Afghanistan, while this time, America is doing the exact same thing with Ukraine.

One of the biggest failures of the Biden administration, according to the former governor, is his inability to capitalize on federal lands to increase US domestic oil production.

Now, it is impossible to build new transportation infrastructure for gas.

Even though the state of Pennsylvania has enough energy to address the issue of soaring prices in the country, the lack of transportation facilities under Biden is unable to avert these crises.

Biden is Compromising America’s National Security

The hypocrisy of the president is also evident from the fact he is trying to bring Iranian oil to the global market by negotiating a controversial deal that can pave the way for Iran toward nuclear weapons.

Even though US energy resources are cleaner, compared to those of Iran, Biden is reluctant to use these resources and is contaminating the global environment.

Likewise, Perry believed Americans have to understand energy security is national security.

So, the US has two options at its table: either it releases its own resources into the international market or lets the Middle East and Russia do this.

The latter holds a significant threat to American national security.

He also reminded Americans that instead of achieving self-sufficiency in the energy sector, the US, under Biden, is continuously releasing its strategic oil reserves, which is detrimental to American security. 

While highlighting Biden’s failures and tying them with Jimmy Carter, Perry said Carter’s landmark Windfall Profit Tax plan is dear to Biden.

This is the reason why the incumbent tried to pursue a drastic agenda of a tax hike in his recently announced budget proposal.

In order to solve these crises, Perry concluded, Biden has to get out of the way.