Hillary Clinton Releases New Statement on Possible Run For President

With Democrats growing increasingly annoyed with Joe Biden, there’s a lot of talk about him being booted out via primary in the 2024 election.

This race will give Democrats their one and only shot to stop Biden from making it to the general election if he goes through with his purported plans to seek a second term.

Democrats, with a unique emphasis on progressives, are frustrated with what they view as weak leadership. Many on the left believe Biden’s age is a problem and that another Democrat would be more suited to lead the party.

While many left-wing names have come up as potential replacements for Biden, one of them is none other than Hillary Clinton.

Though with two failed presidential campaigns under her belt, Clinton is now setting the record straight regarding speculations of her running for president again, per Newsmax.

No Clinton 2024 Campaign

During a sitdown with CBS Evening News, the former secretary of state made it clear she has no intentions of running for president again.

Clinton specifically stated while she won’t be pursuing the White House, she will work to ensure America has a president who cares about democracy, the protection of US institutions, and the rule of law.

Later, however, Clinton issued a very specific call to action to Republicans. Clinton declared the GOP needs to “stand up” to Trump and show they have a backbone.

Later, she claimed if the Republican Party chooses to nominate Trump in the 2024 presidential election, he should lose the race and return to his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago.

Clinton finally told CBS Evening News that she doesn’t see any parallels between her infamous email scandal and the FBI raid of Trump’s estate where reportedly classified documents were seized.

More From Clinton

Hillary Clinton has previously gone on record, speaking to what she views as the positives of the Biden administration.

At one point, the two-time failed presidential contender spoke critically of Americans who don’t appreciate the problems that Biden’s inflicted upon the nation.

Many people are very much looking forward to Clinton fading off into the sunset. The news that she won’t be pursuing the White House again is good to many people who are tired of seeing and hearing about the Clintons in general.

Thus far, it remains to be seen whether or not Democrats find a different candidate who ends up booting out Biden in the 2024 primary election. Clinton, for her part, has been clear that she supports the current president’s reelection.

What do you think about Hillary Clinton confirming she will never again pursue the presidency? Do you agree with her commentary about Donald Trump and the possibility of him running for office in the next presidential race? Be sure to share with us in the comments area.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.