Hillary Clinton Lodges Serious Accusation Against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Hillary Clinton is a former First Lady, Secretary of State, and failed presidential candidate.

With all her credentials and experience under her belt, you’d imagine she has good political instincts. Though you’d be dead wrong.

There’s a reason the Benghazi betrayal happened under Clinton, as well as the melting down of America’s international respect and strength.

This woman’s political instincts only work on angry Karens in Connecticut and hashtag liberals, which is why she lost in 2016.

Her latest idiocy is to accuse Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of “human trafficking.” Yes, she actually said it.

Clinton Points the Finger

Clinton has clearly been getting bored in her upstate New York enclave. She’s been popping up more and more on talk shows and elsewhere to talk about “democracy” and the other words she likes to repeat.

As a key anti-Trump figure, Clinton is a favorite among many of the mainstream media; she recently appeared on the far-left network MSNBC to talk about current events.

In particular, Clinton was asked about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ recent decision to send several planes of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, an exclusive rich island off the coast of Massachusetts.

After being fluffed by far-left anti-Trump lunatic Joe Scarborough about DeSantis “human trafficking” these migrants, Clinton concurred, saying DeSantis’ actions show the “craziness” of our current era.

This woman who led to the resurgence of literal slavery in Libya is concerned about human trafficking, you understand?

This woman, whose associate, Laura Silsby, was arrested for human trafficking kids from post-earthquake Haiti, now claims to be furious about 48 illegal immigrants being given a comfy plane ride to Martha’s Vineyard.

Human Trafficking is a Global Crisis and It’s No Joke

Human trafficking rakes in over $150 billion in profits per year and is a global crisis. Organizations like OUR (Operation Underground Railroad) work to stop child trafficking in the United States and much work remains to be done.

When Hillary Clinton accuses Ron DeSantis of human trafficking, make no mistake about what she’s doing: she’s politicizing and banalizing one of the most hideous crimes in existence.

She’s turning the idea of illegal trafficking of humans into a political punchline. This woman truly has no shame and her arrogance is limitless.

There are approximately 25 million victims of human trafficking around the world right now. Trust me, they’re not just in Martha’s Vineyard!

Clinton claims not to support “open borders,” but says migrants nonetheless must be treated with compassion.

Is she now the expert on that? As President Trump said during a debate with Joe Biden, “Who built the cages, Joe?”

The Bottom Line

Joe Biden said DeSantis’ actions are a “political stunt” and anti-American. After his bizarre fascist speech in Philadelphia, he’d be the definite expert on that.

As for Clinton, she can stop her shrill shrieking and fake compassion any time. None of us are buying it.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.