Hillary Clinton is Trashing Trump Supporters Again

Defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a habit of going after Republicans, especially Trump supporters. When Clinton ran for president in 2016, she demonized supporters of then-candidate Trump as a “basket of deplorables.”

In the years since then, other Democrats have joined in on trashing supporters of the former president. Biden recently went off, saying he doesn’t have any respect for what he called “MAGA Republicans.”

The president likewise wrote off Trump supporters as threats to America’s fabric as we know it. After getting heat for this, Biden’s tried to walk things back and put a different spin on his very clear statements.

Since then, Clinton has come back out against Trump supporters, this time likening them to Nazis, as documented by Newsmax.

The Latest From Clinton on Trump Supporters

While talking at the Texas Tribune Festival, Clinton made it clear that she’s disturbed by supporters of Trump who attend his rallies.

According to the twice defeated presidential candidate, Trump supporters who had their hands raised at his rally are skin to Nazi supporters who saluted Adolf Hitler. Clinton cited this when explaining she used to wonder how Hitler’s supporters got sucked into backing him.

Later, Clinton went on to say that Trump was “ranting and raving” in Ohio; though the reaction of his supporters with their hands raised clearly got under her skin.

Previously, Clinton called upon Republicans to stand up to Trump and stop him from winning the 2024 GOP nomination.

Inciting Violence Against Republicans

Trump supporters have warned that rhetoric from the likes of Clinton and Biden is ultimately inciting violence against conservatives, putting them in harm’s way.

Nevertheless, leaders within the Democrat Party insist on vilifying Republicans, writing them off as evil, and saying they’re dangerous figures who need to be stopped.

Much speculation exists that Democrats are doing this in the spirit of trying to win the midterm races in November. After all, Biden’s been claiming the nation will be in trouble if Democrats aren’t able to keep hold of power in the House and the Senate.

Meanwhile, polls show Republicans are extremely likely to win the House and the Senate might not be too far behind either.

If Democrats continue down the current path of demonizing Trump supporters, they could very well be putting a larger target on their backs. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be discouraging Clinton or Biden in the slightest.

Things could get very dangerous very quickly. The blood will be on the hands of those who don’t mind inciting or carrying out violence.

What do you think about the latest rhetoric from Hillary Clinton as it pertains to supporters of former President Trump? Please feel free to weigh in with your feedback, thoughts, and concerns in the comments section down below.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.