Hillary Clinton Believes Joe Biden’s Age Should be a Cause for Concern

At the Financial Times Weekend Festival in Washington, D.C. on May 20, 2023, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton expressed concerns about President Joe Biden’s age. 

She believes concerns about the president’s age are legitimate and Americans are within their rights to consider this issue when they head to the polls. 

Hillary Clinton’s Concerns About Joe Biden’s Health

Clinton made the comments in response to an incident that took place at the G7 Summit in Japan where Biden stumbled down the stairs and almost fell over.

Financial Times editor Edward Luce observed that Biden didn’t use a railing and his wife Jill Biden was not by his side. He then asked Clinton if this startling incident should be a cause for concern. 

Clinton believed that Biden’s age should concern voters, but she called attention to how Biden is still the best option compared to other political alternatives and based on his governing record.

The former presidential candidate argued that Biden hasn’t received sufficient credit for the United States’ alleged gains in employment and broader economic growth. 

In addition, she is optimistic about Biden’s chances for re-election — a prospect that all Americans should hope for in her view.

Democratic Leaders Still Support Biden’s Track Record

Most Democrat Party leaders have generally scoffed at concerns about Biden’s age.

Biden is the oldest president in US history and will be 81 on November 5, 2024 — the day the 2024 presidential elections are set to take place. 

Former White House chief of staff Ron Klain was one of the most vocal advocates for Biden and routinely noted that the president has been in good health.

During a virtual interview with the Economic Club of Washington, Klain claimed Biden is in better shape than him. He added that Biden is very fit and has a morning workout routine, prior to coming down to the Oval Office to carry out his daily presidential functions.