High Profile Democrat Arrested for DRUNK DRIVING!

Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, was arrested for drunk driving and crashing his car under the influence of alcohol in California over the weekend.

He was then charged for this misdemeanor.

Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Arrested

According to the California Highway Patrol, Paul Pelosi was driving his 2021 model Porsche when he hit a Jeep. The police stated none of the drivers were injured. 

Subsequently, Paul was arrested just before Saturday at midnight; he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and having a blood-alcohol level of more than .08.

Both of these activities are considered misdemeanors. However, he was released on bail the following morning for $5,000.

Both Pelosi and her husband are multi-millionaires, as the speaker has a net worth of more than $114 million.

Similarly, her husband accumulated riches using his business firm in San Francisco and trading stocks by getting insight information with the help of his wife.

According to Fox News, it is not clear where Paul was heading when he faced the crash.

However, a simple uber drive from Napa to his probable location in California, where he and his wife own various properties, would have cost him a mere $103. Even the most expensive facility of Uber would have cost him only $329.

The issue of drunk driving is critical for road safety in America. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 32 people die daily in relation to accidents linked to drunk driving.

Paul Pelosi Played a Dangerous Stunt

When a driver is caught for the first time under the influence of drugs, it can cost him more than $10,000.

However, an NGO named Mother Against Drunk Driving claimed an average person is likely to be arrested after driving a car more than 80 times under the influence of alcohol. 

The spokesperson of Nancy Pelosi told multiple media outlets that the speaker will not comment on the personal matter of her husband.

This event happened when Pelosi was busy delivering a sadistic speech to Brown University graduates.

She also preached a partisan agenda among students to get momentary sympathy from young voters. Pelosi suggested the Supreme Court’s assault on abortion rights, prevailing voter suppression, and the January 6 riots increased the darkness in the country,

The House Speaker also asserted that falling into apathy is easy these days, so Americans should avoid this trap.

For a long time, Speaker Pelosi remained silent regarding her retirement.

This silence ended up increasing various speculations about the new leader of House Democrats.

However, Pelosi has since indicated earlier this year that she will seek yet another two-year term in office. Since making this decision, the California congresswoman now has to campaign not only for other Democrats, but also for herself as well.