Herschel Walker Targeted By Anti-Trump Republican Organization

The midterm elections are rapidly approaching and every race counts. Each election controls a seat in either the House or the Senate.

GOP victories will lead to the party taking back control of Congress; whereas if Democrats get their way, they’ll continue doing what they’ve been doing, only with a much stronger majority in both chambers.

Thus far, former President Trump has endorsed a series of candidates who he believes are best suited to serve in the House and the Senate. Meanwhile, anti-Trump coalitions like the Republican Accountability PAC are coming out against these candidates.

Lately, the Republican Accountability PAC ran an ad targeting GOP candidate Herschel Walker, who is currently challenging Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, per The Hill.

What to Know About the Attack Ad Against Walker

The Republican Accountability PAC’s new ad against Herschel Walker rips the image of him being a loving, all-American football player.

Instead, it goes on to feature his ex-wife mentioning his “evil” eyes when he became angry, along with accusing him of choking her and holding a firearm to the temple of her forehead.

This ad isn’t all the Republican Accountability PAC is doing to keep Walker out of office. The group’s website ties Walker to domestic violence claims, along with accusing him of lying about his resume.

According to treasurer Sarah Longwell, the anti-Trump GOP organization is standing as the voice of many Republicans in Georgia who don’t believe Walker is suited to hold public office.

Walker also isn’t the only Trump-backed candidate that the Republican Accountability PAC is setting its sights on. In Arizona, Doug Mastriano, a GOP gubernatorial candidate, is also a target for the body of Never Trumpers.

More to Come

If the Republican Accountability PAC gets what it wants in taking Walker down, then Warnock will hold onto his Senate seat. This will naturally make it harder for the GOP to take back the upper chamber in November.

However, the anti-Trump Republican group is just warming up in its work to prevent Walker from being elected. Following this latest attack ad will be displays of various Republicans in Georgia explaining why they personally aren’t going to be casting ballots for Walker.

Georgia is a key state that much of the nation will be watching this year. Similar to past times, the outcome of congressional races in the Peach State has the potential to either secure GOP victories or cement Democratic ones.

What are your thoughts about the Republican Accountability PAC’s work to prevent Herschel Walker from getting into the Senate? Do you believe this group is secretly working on behalf of the Democrat Party?

Please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments area where you stand on all of this.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.