Here’s Why US Healthcare is Going Downhill So Fast

It’s no secret that America’s healthcare system is not doing well. Just in the past 12 months, premiums have gone up over 24%.

During COVID, we saw how Big Pharma worked with establishment medical “professionals” and paid-up government “experts” to profit and take advantage of Americans on behalf of a globalist ideology.

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Americans want the liberty to choose their healthcare provider and pay a fair price; the tyranny of the Biden-Harris regime and their ideology is putting that in jeopardy.

How Did We Get Here?

Healthcare and medicine are supposed to be about helping people heal. So how did we get to this point where it’s more about profit and pulling the wool over people’s eyes?

The truth is the US healthcare system is corrupted by a major conflict of interest.

Specifically, the government bureaucracy keeps getting worse, while insurance companies pay off legislators through donations to keep the vicious cycle going. Premiums rise, care gets worse, and the “extras” that aren’t covered keep growing.

Profits for insurance companies are doing very well indeed. Medical care for Americans has never been worse, or more expensive.

Historically, American healthcare has been a place of new discoveries and progress, but it’s become a stagnant pool of crony capitalism and heartless corporations that work with the government to maximize profits and political power while putting patients last.

This breaks the Hippocratic oath, but it also breaks common sense. Why would Americans support and vote for a system that puts them last and cares more about getting elected and profits than saving lives?

The Red Tape Nightmare

The truth is healthcare is in the grip of a red tape nightmare; starting with Medicare and Medicaid in the 1960s, Congress also pushed through dozens of bureaucratic bills.

The bills claimed to be improving healthcare services and increasing coverage, but all they truly did at the end of the day was jack up the price and difficulty of obtaining reasonably-priced healthcare.

They destroyed competitive progress in the healthcare system. The 2010 nightmare of Obamacare lied about covering more people in order to give insurance companies an even bigger guaranteed payout.

Obamacare raised prices for healthcare for most working families, not lowered them. They also gave insurance companies a guaranteed payday straight from Uncle Sam, allowing them to continue raising prices with no free market repercussions.

Big Pharma can also afford to keep putting prices up, since they know that the government will pay under guaranteed coverage either way.

It’s a red tape nightmare and an incestuous relationship between the government and large corporations.

The Bottom Line

The healthcare situation in this country has got to change.

Medical freedom needs to make a comeback; that means breaking up the monopolistic relationship between Big Pharma, insurance companies, and the government.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.