Has Dr. Fauci Just Announced He Will Leave the White House?

Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed he would leave the position as adviser in the White House if Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election.

The doctor, who has been highly partisan in his remarks, has lately been anti-Republican and anti-Trump.

Fauci to Leave the White House if Trump Wins

On Sunday, Fauci was asked if he would continue serving in the White House if Donald Trump wins in 2024.

Speaking to a CNN host, Fauci noted the response of the Trump administration was not “optimal,” and it would continue like this once again.

Fauci has been serving as the director of the National Institute of Health since 1984.

In the wake of the coronavirus, he was the top administrator under the Trump administration. The Operation Warp Speed of the president made him even more relevant in the COVID crisis.

Prior to the presidential election of 2020, Trump said Americans have been tired of Fauci and “all these idiots.”

Likewise, he claimed Fauci acts as a “bomb” whenever he goes on TV, but firing him is even a “bigger bomb.”

By now, Trump has not announced whether he will run for the top office again. However, he indicated multiple times he is willing to run for the job.

Fauci has often leaned with the Democrat Party. Once Biden was inaugurated, the doctor stated it was “liberating” to work for the new president.

Trump was reluctant to impose chronic lockdowns as the threats to the economy were real in the wake of the virus. However, Fauci supported a complete lockdown, which increased his distance from the president.

Although the director opposed the president multiple times, he still stated he does not like to “contradict” the president.

Republicans Do Not Want Fauci as the Top Doctor

Apart from that, Fauci has also been an ardent critic of many Republican lawmakers. Besides lawmakers, Republican governors and candidates have also criticized him.

Dr. Oz of Pennsylvania, who is the Trump-endorsed candidate for the Senate, stated a debate should be arranged between him and the doctor.

Similarly, Wisconsin Senate gubernatorial candidate Kevin Nicholson indicated Dr. Fauci should be fired and prosecuted immediately.

Not only this but Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, assured that Fauci could “pound sand,” as he is of no use. In parallel, he is running a whole campaign against Fauci titled “Freedom Over Faucism.”

This campaign of the governor against the doctor has been highly efficient. It is attracting the attention of Americans. DeSantis regularly uses the new term, “Faucism,” comparing Fauci with the Nazi ideology of Hitler.

Many lawmakers have also pointed out the perks, salary, influence, and the finances Fauci enjoys being an employee of the federal government.

However, the doctor indicated that people who try to run away from the truth “demonize” him.