Harris’s Trip to the Border “A Dog and Pony Show”

On Friday, the Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, Art Del Cueto stated that Harris visiting the least problematic area at the border is a “slap in the face.” 

Del Cueto mentioned that Harris is going to El Paso, an area that is mostly controlled and the least problematic area.

He added that if Harris wants to truly witness the situation, she should go visit Rio Grande Valley. Del Cueto also noted that if Harris really intends to get the full extent of the migrant crossings, she should’ve visited Tucson, the number one place when it comes to getaways. 

Harris’s trip to the border coming under fire

Meanwhile, Harris’s recent trip to the border is coming under fire; critics emphasized that she is steering clear of the areas which were hardest hit by the continuing migration crisis. It is also her first time to visit the region, 93 days after Biden tapped her to address the issue. 

A senior border official, who opt to be interviewed in anonymity, also mentioned that if Harris really wanted to assess how bad the situation is at the border, she should have headed to McAllen or sites near the Rio Grande Valley. He added that it is worth it to see if Harris’ trip to the border continues past a rubber stamp of “I visited the border.” 


Meanwhile, former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief, Tom Homan, also mentioned that the vice president needs to visit the “epicenter” of the crisis, instead of taking a trip to talk to men and women dealing with the crisis. 

Homan also added that Harris picked El Paso because she doesn’t want to observe the damage that her administration caused. 

Border Patrol agent: Harris doesn’t think the border crisis is a problem

Another Border Patrol agent who also asked to remain anonymous told Fox News that he was “not surprised” that it took a long time for the vice president to visit the border. He said he is not surprised, since Harris doesn’t think the things happening at the border are a problem. 

Nick Miroff of the Washington Post also noted that Harris’s trip to El Paso allowed her to avoid the harder hit areas like Rio Grande Valley, where certain Democrats have been critical of the administration’s response. 

Del Cueto also mentioned that he is “unimpressed” by Harris’ move to visit El Paso because it is one area that is already under control. 

The Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council said Harris’ visit to an area that is already under control is a slap in the face to men and women; this officials are risking their lives on the line every day in areas that are harder hit than where Harris is going. 

Del Cueto added that Harris is giving the “dog and pony show.”