Harris’ Signature Cackle a “Defense Mechanism That Fails Miserably

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight” last Friday, Jesse Watters noted that Vice President Kamala Harris’ infamous laughing “cackle” serves as a certain “defense mechanism”; Harris does this when facing questions that she can’t answer or does not want to respond to. 

Watters: Harris uses her cackle when she feels unsure or uncomfortable

Watters, a Fox News host, made a statement on Friday claiming that Harris often uses her signature laugh to lighten up an interview; Watters said this cackle notably failed during her latest interview with NBC news anchor Lester Holt. 

The Fox News host, who has been in the network since 2002, claimed that as someone who has been in doing “man in the street interviews” for years, he believes that he is qualified to recognize whenever a person is uncomfortable in public. 

Watters added that the vice president resorts to “cackling” whenever she’s presented with a topic or question that she’s not confident about or when she feels unsure or uncomfortable. 

The Fox News host added that in their industry, they refer to this “cackling” as a “defense mechanism.” He added that in layman’s terms it could be called a “tick or tell in poker, or a “glitch in the system.”

Watters further analyzed Harris’s signature cackles by saying that she does it for several reasons. First, to soothe her anxiety. Second, to buy her time when she is unsure; she uses that time to think about a response. Then third, to divert the vibe of the interview from serious questions to a lighter one.

Lastly, Watters noted that Harris’s cackle is a “lame attempt” to establish a connection with the person who’s asking her a difficult question. 

Harris laughed at questions about the border crisis

This is not the first time that Harris was criticized for answer difficult questions with cackles. 

A few months ago, the vice president received backlash after she laughed at a question about her plans to visit the Southern border amid the migrant crisis. 

Republican Representative Steve Scalise wrote a post on Twitter saying that Harris laughed at a reporter who asked her if she has plans to visit the border.

Scalise added that people should not believe the Biden-Harris administration when they say that they are serious about solving the border crisis. 

During an interview with Fox News, Texas Senator John Cornyn also addressed the vice president’s reaction saying that the border crisis is “no laughing matter”. He added that he wished the president and the vice president would come and visit the border so they can learn what he has learned. 

Communications adviser for Senator Ted Cruz, Steve Guest also wrote on Twitter, saying that “apparently” the crisis at the border is now a “laughing matter” for the Biden-Harris administration. 

At that time, Harris was walking towards Air Force Two, when one reporter asked Harris if she had plans to visit the border. 

Harris responded to the serious question by saying “not today,” followed by an inappropriate and awkward cackle.