Harris Irritated After Trip Overshadowed by Border Questions

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Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala and Mexico got overshadowed by questions asking why she hasn’t visited the border.

Harris just recently had a trip to Central America, allegedly to address “root causes” of migration. However, the agenda of her trip got overshadowed by questions as to why the vice president hasn’t visited the border yet. 

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Harris: “I don’t understand the point”

In an interview with NBC that aired Tuesday morning, Harris was questioned as to why she hasn’t made a trip to see the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

This was responded to by Harris with a flash of irritation, saying that she hadn’t been to Europe either. Adding that she did not know the point the NBC host was trying to make, the vice president continued. Harris then alleged she is not discrediting the seriousness of problems at the border.

Harris’s answer sparked criticism from Republicans. Yet, she displayed more frustrations with the media traveling with her when reporters repeatedly asked her the same question. She then told reporters, “Listen, I’ve been to the border before”, adding that she will go again.   

Harris elevated her frustrations, saying that when she is in Guatemala dealing with the so-called “root cause,” the conversation should be related to that. 

Harris tried to establish herself with a better point

The vice president ended her first international trip by trying to establish a better point. During a lengthy explanation of her assignment, Harris told reporters that the problems at the U.S.-Mexico border, in large part and in most cases, originate from problems in Guatemala and Mexico.

She added that if they were to address the issue that made an impact at the southern border, they have to tackle the so-called “root causes” as to why people leave their countries. 

The vice president then added that these problems are “generational.” Harris continued, claiming that such matters cannot be immediately be solved by the discussions she had with leaders of these countries. According to Harris, she and other leaders talked about corruption and economic development. 

To add more, Harris put herself on a pedestal saying that her trip to Central America was a success.

Meanwhile, polls show that Americans are concerned about how the Biden-Harris administration is handling the issue.

At present, there is an existing political pressure on both of them from people who want to see changes. This comes along with those who want Biden to pass policies directed to addressing immigration reforms.

However, in the same context, Biden gave Harris an assignment that he too had when he was sitting as a vice president; the assignment was to find a way to address the “root causes” of the problem, which exists to this very day.