Kamala Harris Cancelled Campaign Swings as Two Staffs Tested Positive

"Kamala Harris" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

All the campaign swings and travel plans of Kamala Harris is canceled as her top staffer, and a member of the flight crew tested positive for Coronavirus.

At least two individuals with close ties to Joe Biden’s campaign tested positive for Coronavirus. Although Harris has tested negative, the upcoming campaign events were canceled and were put on hold until Monday. 

In a statement made by Biden’s campaign manager, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, she said that on Wednesday, two individuals tested positive for Coronavirus. They were non-staff flight crew member and Harris’ communications director, Liz Allen. 

Dillon continued by saying that neither of these people had a close contact with Joe Biden, Kamala Harri or other staffers since they tested positive or within 48 hours before they tested positive for Coronavirus. 

Biden’s campaign also began contact tracking to notify all individuals who came in close contact with these staffers during the potential infection window. 

Meanwhile, despite cancellations of running mate’s schedule, Joe Biden’s campaign plans remain intact, and they are expected to proceed with his scheduled town hall on Thursday night in Philadelphia. Biden was tested for Coronavirus on Wednesday night and was negative. 

“Kamala Harris” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Dillon also added that Biden underwent PCR testing for Coronavirus as part of their regular routine of testing. 

Although both of the staffers who got infected were on a flight with Kamala Harris last October 8th, when she traveled to campaign with Biden in Arizona. Biden’s campaign manager clarified that the said staffers tested negative before and after the flight. 

On the other hand, President Trump extended his best wishes to Kamala Harris. Although the President mistakenly said that it was Harris’ chief of staff who had tested positive for Coronavirus, the President was quoted saying “We extend our best wishes. We extend our best wishes, which is more than they did to me, but that’s OK.”

Biden’s campaign announced the positive test results

When Biden’s campaign announced the positive test results, they laid out the situation in a lengthy and detailed memo which were sent out as a press release. 

Dillon also said in her statement that Kamala Harris was not in close contact with either of the staff who tested positive, two days before their positive tests. As such, there is no requirement for Harris to quarantine. 

However, Dillon said, out of an “abundance of caution” and in line with their commitment to observe the highest level of precaution, they decided to cancel Harris’ travel plans up to Sunday, October 18th. 

Kamala Harris Tested Negative In Two PCR Tests

Since the October 8th flight, Kamala Harris already took two PCR COVID tests, which both turned out negative. Furthermore, according to the campaign, the last negative COVID result was dated last Wednesday, October 14th.

On Monday, Kamala Harris will be back on the campaign trail. She was scheduled to appear in North Carolina on Thursday.