Gun Control Movement Boasts Major Action

Gun control supporters are repeatedly coming up with new ways to crack down on the Second Amendment.

They claim this is about safety and protection; though a mass shooter in Buffalo, New York recently cited tight gun control measures as a reason for him targeting the community.

It’s been warned time and time again that advocates of gun control won’t be happy until the Second Amendment is neutered and no one is able to purchase or own a gun.

Time and time again, gun control supporters refuse to express where the line is and when they believe enough is enough.

After putting pressure on credit card companies, the gun control movement is now celebrating these companies’ decisions to distinctly categorize the purchases of firearms and other related materials, per Fox Business.

What to Know About Gun Purchases Going Forward

Up until now, when Americans bought firearms with credit cards, they were logged as sporting goods. However, American Express, Mastercard, and Visa have announced they’ll be logging these purchases separately as firearms sales.

The gun control movement argues this is a win because it can stop mass shootings before they occur. However, this remains highly debatable, with the logistics of how this would stop mass shootings not being pointed out.

This new categorization of gun buys will also come with a unique code processor, courtesy of the credit card companies.

Apparently, firearms purchases may be flagged by credit card companies if someone purchases what’s deemed as a “suspicious” amount of them in relatively short time periods.

This is what Democrats appear to be banking on in alleging this new system will stop mass shootings. Visa, American Express, and Mastercard opted to go this route after much lobbying from Democratic officials and the gun control movement.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Many conservatives and gun rights advocates have sounded the alarm against this choice of major credit card companies.

Folks with concerns are warning this will lead to an out-and-out stigma of gun purchases, with people deemed as automatically suspicious simply for buying these weapons.

Others have warned additional purchases that aren’t gun-related could eventually be flagged by credit card companies. Ultimately, many Americans have concerns about how far this new decision could go, how it may spiral off into other choices, etc.

On social media, people of all political views didn’t hesitate to share what they think about this decision of major credit card companies and the true impacts this new form of categorization will have.

Do you believe it’s a good idea for credit card companies to separately tag gun purchases? Please let us know in the comments area if you think this is opening Pandora’s box and paving the way to other problems.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.