Greta Thunberg’s Fake ‘Arrest’ in Germany Exposed as Video Emerges

Controversial Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was never arrested during a mine protest in Germany, even though she was grabbed by police and carried away, reports have revealed.

Poor Greta Got Fake Arrested on Coal Mine’s Edge

Thunberg, who rose to world fame when she was 16 with her climate change protests, has become notorious for her far-left green extremism.

Earlier this week, reports came out of Germany that she got “arrested” while protesting together with like-minded green extremists at a coal mine in Luetzerah, Germany.

It has turned out, however, that Thunberg was never detained. The police only removed her for her own safety; she and other protesters rushed for the coal mine’s edge and could have hurt themselves, a Red State commentary reports.

The report quotes the German police as saying Thunberg and her pals could have fallen off the edge of the open coal mine; this was why they were stopped and “carried out of the immediate danger area.” 

A video of Greta Thunberg’s fake arrest was posted by CNN, showing the climate activist was in good spirits. She was laughing and joking with the policemen carrying her away from danger. 

She was let go after spending a short amount of time in police custody and was never technically “arrested.” 

However, that didn’t stop far-left radical foot soldiers on social media from bemoaning the vicious “detention” of a “minor” – never mind that Greta is now 20 years old. 

Thunberg herself posted a tweet that left the impression she had been arrested: she claimed to have been “kettled,” then “detained,” and then “let go later.”  She also insisted that protesting in favor of “climate protection” was “not a crime.” 

Greta Stages Arrest in Germany, Never Goes after Communist China 

As videos of her alleged “arrest” emerged online, countless social media users accused her of “staging” her own police detention for PR and propaganda purposes.

Some of the tweets on the matter even claimed the “staged” and “fake arrest” of Greta Thunberg took more than one take to shoot. 

The Red State report compares Thunberg’s “detention” at the German coal mine to other fake arrests by woke Democrats in the United States, such as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar. 

AOC’s case has been particularly notorious; she held her hands as though she had been handcuffed, but then exposed her lie by raising her first for a communist greeting. 

The report on Greta’s stage arrest emphasizes she only protests in liberal European countries whose governments practically agree and collude with her kind.

Those include Germany, which succumbed to climate protesters’ pressure to shut down its working nuclear power plants, only to find itself entirely dependent on natural gas from the evil empire of Putin’s Russia. 

At the same time, Greta Thunberg never protests against Communist China, the most significant carbon emissions producer in the world.

Clearly, she doesn’t care about human rights as she supports Nike, which is in bed with the Chinese Communist Party, the same regime that’s exterminating entire ethnic groups such as the Uyghurs.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.