Greg Abbott Makes a Brilliant Clapback Against Liberals

"President Trump Travels to Texas" by Trump White House Archived

Ever since the Biden administration decided to fly out well over 20 planes of migrants from the southern border to Jacksonville, FL, Republicans have been looking for ways to give the liberals a taste of their own medicine.

For the past couple of months, Texas Governor Greg Abbott seems to have found the solution to the migrant crisis. He’s decided to redirect the constant flow of illegals from the border to Democrat-run cities like Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York City.

“President Trump Travels to Texas” by Trump White House Archived

Dozens of buses filled with migrants from the southern border arrive in Chicago

In a statement he issued a while ago, Abbott addressed his actions, claiming he looks forward to seeing how Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, will handle the situation.

Abbott continued, adding Biden’s continuous inaction at the southern border is putting hundreds of thousands of Texans at risk. The crisis has gotten to the point where illegal migrants have overwhelmed several communities in the state.

As a means of aiding the cities closest to the border, Abbott did the only thing he could, turning Chicago into yet another sanctuary city for these illegal immigrants, considering how fond of them the Democrats are.

These bus drop-offs are set to persist as long as the Biden administration continues enforcing open border policies, effectively obsoleting the entire border and wall that the Trump administration was pushing for.

D.C. requested National Guard’s help to deal with migrants

In response to Abbott’s actions, Lightfoot’s office left several comments, all of them riddled with snarky comments and insults directed at the Texas governor, claiming he’s got no shame or humanity left.

The thing is though, all three of these cities have officials who boasted their housing capacities and “woke” policies that would ensure a safe environment for these migrants; yet, they’re adamant about keeping them as far away as possible.

As it stands though, Abbott’s actions have put them in a position where they’re either forced to go back on what they said before or offer shelter to these illegal migrants in order to remain as “woke” as can be.

When the buses first started arriving in D.C. though, Mayor Muriel Bowser decided to keep her mouth shut, with her office stating they’re continuing work with the dozens of NGOs providing resources to these individuals.

However, even Bowser reached her breaking point later on. She was forced to request the National Guard’s assistance in dealing with the migrant overflow in the city, with both of her requests being promptly denied.

It’s only a matter of time before these “woke” officials find out what Texas and Florida had to deal with from the moment Biden’s open border policies were put in place. By that point, it’ll already be too late.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.