Great Wave of Resignation Under the Biden Administration

The U.S. Labor Department’s latest data shows almost 4.4 million people in the United States, comprising nearly 3% of workers, quit their jobs in September 2021.

Record-breaking amounts of Americans are leaving their jobs

A wave of great resignations started since the onset of the pandemic. In 2021 alone, almost 34.4 million people quit their jobs until September, with 24 million of them resigning since April.

Compared to this, almost 36.3 million people resigned from their jobs in 2020. Many factors have contributed to worsening the great resignation crisis, among which the vaccination mandate is playing a significant role.

This politically-motivated mandate of the Biden administration already triggered protests across the country, while a handful of Americans also prefer resigning from their jobs to avoid taking vaccines.

The latest resignation wave will offset the gains of job growth in October, which Democrats are busy celebrating, without looking at the other dwindling economic indicators.

It will also aggravate the persisting supply chain problems, which still remain one of the primary reasons for rising inflation across the United States. Julia Pollak, a chief economist of ZipRecruiter, told CNBC that people have more freedom to choose the work of their preference, which will impact this year’s holiday season. 

She further added employers are often facing grim conditions of replacing their whole staff within a timeframe of one month; this is also impacting the overall efficiency of many organizations.

In addition to this, Pollack asserted the demands are high in the warehousing, healthcare, and transportation sectors. These are jobs that require people to work in person, which effectively suggests people are getting normalized with online work.

Workers in the entertainment and recreation industry are leading the national efforts to quit their jobs, followed by the manufacturing and health sectors.


The economist noted businesses are not leaving any stone unturned to retain their workers, including giving hiring bonuses and retirement benefits, which are not usually offered to low-wage workers in the country.

These sorts of measures are also straining employers’ resources to an unprecedented extent.

Americans will continue to quit their job until 2022

Julia Pollak warned the stakeholders this labor shortage would continue in the holiday season, as consumer demands continue surging. Calling it an opportunity for unemployed people, Pollak added those looking for employment could get bonuses by grabbing jobs immediately.

Another economist, Ron Hetrick, said the unfolding situation paints the picture of the “musical chairs” game; employers are looking for the same workers who are actually quitting their jobs.

While some theorists are calling it the workers’ wave to protest against the toxic workplace culture and low wages, others are blaming the Biden administration for the persisting crisis.

Hetrick said Biden’s stimulus checks and COVID cash incentives are also helping people resign from their jobs. Once people run out of their savings and stimulus benefits in spring 2022, they will return to their jobs.