Governor DeSantis’ Second Inauguration: a Preview of the Future

Governor Ron DeSantis is about to begin his second term on Tuesday; many view this as the start of his potential campaign for the presidency.

Speculation Surrounds Governor DeSantis’ Potential Presidential Run

As Governor DeSantis begins his second term, many are speculating about his potential run for the Republican nomination for president in 2024.

While DeSantis already made a name for himself on the national stage, he will have to balance the demands of his current job with the challenges of launching a campaign for a new one.

It remains to be seen whether the Florida governor will continue to embrace the culture wars agenda that has earned him support on the right or if he will moderate his combative posture and focus on unifying themes.

The political landscape and DeSantis’ actions in the coming years will surely be closely watched by those interested in his potential presidential bid.

Following his inauguration, Governor DeSantis will deliver his first address to a large audience since his victory speech on election night, during which he proclaimed Florida to be the state “where woke goes to die.”

Many will be paying attention to this speech to see if it provides any clues about DeSantis’ future plans and campaign strategy. 

DeSantis’ Inaugural Speech to Provide Insight into Future Plans

According to Kevin Wagner, a Florida Atlantic University political scientist, the speech may give early indications of DeSantis’ potential presidential campaign, including which groups and donors he will focus on in the early stages of the campaign.

Whether the speech focuses on Florida issues or has a more national reach will also be of interest to those watching DeSantis’ potential presidential bid.

There are many questions that people will be asking as they listen to Governor DeSantis’ speech, including whether he will continue to speak out against diversity training in corporations and government.

There’s also a focus on if he will advocate for immigration reform or entitlement reform and whether he will continue to downplay the importance of mRNA vaccines in combating COVID-19. 

Others will be wondering if DeSantis will address issues such as the war in Ukraine, inflation and the national economy, the budget and deficit, and Florida’s pressing problems like rising insurance, housing, and healthcare costs.

Some may be looking for a victory lap and a focus on DeSantis’ accomplishments over the past four years, while others will be searching for clues about his future plans. According to Wagner, it is likely that few concrete answers will be provided in the speech.

In his first inaugural address, Governor DeSantis addressed a crowd of around 3,000 and promised to combat tribalism in politics. He outlined an agenda that focused on reducing the size of government, promoting low taxes and a business-friendly regulatory climate, and prioritizing education and the environment.

DeSantis also emphasized the importance of creating a virtuous cycle that would attract jobs, business, and investment by maintaining a sensible legal system and healthy environment.