Gov. DeSantis Feeds Hurricane Emergency Workers

"Ron DeSantis" by Gage Skidmore

Saturday morning, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis was pictured at a Punta Gorda Waffle House, amid preparing food for Hurricane Ian’s emergency workers. 

Wednesday afternoon’s hurricane that struck southwest Florida was one of the strongest to strike the state. It was a class 4 storm with winds of around 155 mph. 

Statement From DeSantis

DeSantis personally visited first responders, emergency personnel, and volunteer groups on Saturday morning. They have been working on the frontlines to clear up the damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

The governor tweeted that Waffle House is one of the first businesses in Charlotte County to resume, as well as provide decent meals as they collaborate to assist Floridians in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

He then thanked them for feeding the linemen who were laboring to restore power.

In addition, DeSantis revealed other measures his office has taken to expedite the recovery after Hurricane Ian. He also visited many damaged locations to assess the harm and meet with local officials. 

(Social media footage snapshot of the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.)

His office reported nearly 40,000 linemen were working to restore power outages caused by Hurricane Ian. Currently, the linemen have restored electricity to almost 1,400,000 Floridians. 

In addition, it was stated the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) got substantial assistance from the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC).

Nearly 2,000 workers from over 20 states have joined the FDEM’s recovery activities. 

A Strong Leader

More than a thousand members of search and rescue teams performed over a thousand rescues on Saturday morning.

Approximately 200 of the responders were also rescued using aircraft. In addition, the state’s National Guard made reactive attempts to aid search and rescue teams, joining forces with other counties to execute rescue operations. 

DeSantis has often demonstrated that he is a leader who takes prompt action without complaining and does what is required.

So far, his leadership’s recovery operations have been able to quickly mobilize resources to make sure that Florida will not endure the long-lasting effects of the hurricane. 

Additionally, the governor’s office stated that the FDEM collaborates with food providers to open kitchens for affected and uprooted residents.

On Friday, September 30, food banks in several counties provided more than 63,000 hot meals. On October 1, more than 100,000 hot meals were served as well. 

The statement said the FDEM had six operational fuel depots. It is preparing four more fuel depots in Central and Southwest Florida to ensure that emergency responders have the fuel necessary to undertake search and rescue operations.

Over 1,200,000 gallons of fuel have been deployed.

In the end, DeSantis continues to show why he’s so popular among the people and why he’s so loved. Actions like this are sure to endear him more to the good people of Florida.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.