GOP Senators Lambast Attorney General Merrick Garland During Senate Hearing

Republican lawmakers from the Senate Judiciary Committee confronted Attorney General Merrick Garland. This happened on Wednesday during the Department of Justice’s recent memo regarding the crackdown on parents, the Afghanistan issue, and the immigration crisis.

Tom Cotton: I’m “thankful” Garland’s not on the Supreme Court

During his judiciary committee hearing, Merrick Garland faced severe criticism from Tom Cotton, a GOP senator, who thanked God that Garland is not on the Supreme Court. Likewise, Cotton demanded Garland should be ashamed and must resign immediately.

Merrick Garland served on the Circuit Court of Appeals in D.C. before Biden nominated him as the top prosecutor in the country.

It is pertinent to note after the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in 2016, former President Obama chose Merrick Garland to fill the Supreme Court vacancy; however, the Republican majority in the Senate crushed Obama’s hopes.

Tom Cotton was critical of Garland from the very beginning. Not only did Cotton oppose filling the court in the election year of 2016, but he also delayed Garland’s confirmation as an attorney general, due to his controversial views on immigration.

Republicans believe the DOJ’s memo is an effort of the Biden administration to curb freedom of speech and disenfranchise parents from participating in the well-being of their children.

However, Garland still seems to be untouched, as he tried to defend the memo by responding to Republicans’ comments. The attorney general said the newly introduced memo would not curb parents’ involvement in the lives of their children.

Garland added parents could complain to school boards without any problem, and their rights are protected under the First Amendment of the American Constitution.

Garland maintained the only motive of the DOJ is to stop violent parents from issuing threats to school boards and teachers.

Lindsey Graham probed Garland over the Afghanistan issue

Meanwhile, many other Republican senators also schooled Garland for his inability to run the DOJ. Chuck Grassley, a GOP senator from Iowa, said due to Garland’s far-left approach, the DOJ has been badly politicized.

Similarly, Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator from South Carolina, asked the attorney general about the possibility of a terrorist attack against America from Afghanistan.

U.S. top military leadership repeatedly said the upsurge in Afghanistan terror groups poses a severe threat to American security; however, Garland still showed an apparent sense of disbelief.

Garland said it was surprising for him to see U.S. intelligence issuing warnings about the possibility of a terror attack on U.S. soil in the next six to twelve months.

When Graham asked Garland what he would say to immigrants coming to the U.S. in large numbers, Garland first said he advises illegal immigrants against coming here.

Later on, the attorney general reverted his statement, claimed it depends upon the purpose of individuals trying to come to America.