GOP Senators: Biden Policies Entirely To Blame for Border Crisis

"President Biden Delivers Remarks to State Department Employees" (United States government work) by U.S. Department of State

GOP Senator Bill Cassidy blames Biden for the surge of migrants that was presented as the crisis at the U.S. southern border. 

The month of February has the biggest number of unaccompanied minors apprehended at the border since May 2019. In relation to this, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked Cassidy to what extent does Biden’s policies have caused this. 

Cassidy answered, “Empirically, it is entirely. You can’t help but notice that the administration changes, and there is a surge.”

The Republican senator also revealed that he heard one of Biden’s advisers speak in Spanish that the border was not closed, only then to say in English that she merely misspoke. Cassidy said, “I can tell you the Spanish version is being heard, not the English,” claiming that this communication encourages people to send their children, even if it means putting them at risk.

“And so when people think they can get in, they begin sending their unaccompanied child on a train ride across Mexico where she may be kidnapped and trafficked, on the hope that they’re going to be waved through at the border,” Cassidy claimed. 

The Biden administration refuses to call the situation at the border a “crisis” despite calling Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help the administration house child migrants as the numbers continue to rise.

In relation to this, Cassidy said, “They’re sending FEMA for reinforcements — not for today, not for tomorrow, but for three weeks from now.” Claiming that this move is a piece of evidence that the Biden administration is expecting a higher number of unaccompanied children to storm the border. 

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In the interview, the GOP senator also addressed his concerns with the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package that the Senate has passed earlier this month. He declared that there is too much money going towards purposes that are not really about pandemic relief, bolstering the concerns of other Republican lawmakers.

Cassidy explained, “The money that is there for education will be spent in the out years. That’s not related to COVID. If everybody is vaccinated by June, then it’s clearly not related to COVID.”

The senator also added that although he and other Republicans support stimulus payments for those who need it, the Democrats’ Coronavirus relief bill does much more than that. Cassidy also noted that the stimulus checks surprisingly benefit inmates who do not stimulate the economy and who are already supported by taxpayers.

He said, “That’s the sort of thing that should not be included.”

Meanwhile, another Republican lawmaker slammed Biden’s immigration policy calling it “disastrous” amid the surge of migrants coming to the border. 

On Saturday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis claimed that the Biden administration has “created this crisis.” The governor also said on Fox News that former President Trump had kept the border under control during his term. 

DeSantis continued, “But I think that this is intentional. I think it is ideological. I think they’re getting bit by this politically now.”

DeSantis also said of Biden, “It’s a disastrous way to start an administration.” He stated that he believes most of the American people are going to strongly oppose this addition thinks most of the American people are going to be strongly opposed to this, adding that hopefully, they will reverse the course. 

In the interview, the Florida governor told Fox News host, “Biden is going in the absolute wrong direction. “Trump had it right at the border. Biden’s got it wrong.”

Attorney General Ken Paxton also made statements against the Biden administration, stating that they adopted this policy of opening the borders. They are sticking with it despite the consequences of the spread of COVID, human trafficking, increase in drug trafficking, an increase of crime, and just general chaos.