GOP Demands Proof of Life From Embattled Top-Ranking Democrat

Republican Party members have demanded that Democratic Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania appear on camera as proof that he is still “alive and well,” insisting he should resign if he isn’t able to do that.

‘Show Yourself Alive, John’

The GOP demand comes after John Fetterman recently “checked himself” into a hospital to receive clinical depression treatment.

In the November 8 midterms, Fetterman managed to flip a Senate seat for Pennsylvania that the Republican Party held for several decades by beating Dr. Mehmet Oz, a Donald Trump endorsee.

Last spring, however, even before he won the Democratic Party’s primary in Pennsylvania, Fetterman suffered a serious stroke and had to have life-saving surgery.

His top aide admitted last month that the Democratic politician may have rushed back to the campaign trail too quickly and that has caused permanent damage to his health.

Before he sought hospitalization for a depression treatment, which he did at the advice of the US congressional physician, Fetterman had another two-day hospital stint after feeling light-headed.

Fetterman’s vote in the Senate presently provides the Democrats with their 51-49 majority.

That’s not even mentioning that some Democratic senators – such as Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona – technically style themselves as “Independent.”

The Republican Party’s chapter in Pennsylvania’s Washington County issued a statement earlier this week, demanding Fetterman “show us” that “he is alive and well.”

The statement declared Fetterman should quit Congress if he couldn’t offer such evidence of being alive and healthy, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Democratic Aides Have Lied Before About His Health

An update that Fetterman’s office issued this week informed that the US senator remains hospitalized in the Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Maryland.

The WSJ report pointed out that Pennsylvania’s Washington County, whose 200,000 people make up 1.5% of the state’s population, is heavily pro-Republican.

In November, GOP candidate Mehmet Oz won it by 13 points over Fetterman, whereas the latter won by about five points.

The Washington County Republicans declared in their statement that they wanted proof of Fetterman being alive and well because of past dishonesty that they have seen from the Democratic Party.

Their statement said there have been “confirmed lies” about Fetterman’s health during the 2022 election campaign, plus threats against a journalist who interviewed him.

The county GOP chairman Sean Logue wrote on Facebook that his party no longer trusted the official “assurances” from Democratic Party operatives or Fetterman’s office in the US Senate.

Pennsylvania Republicans called upon their elected officials in the US Congress to “intervene immediately” if Fetterman couldn’t show himself on camera.

They insisted the Democratic senator should resign if he couldn’t or didn’t perform his duties, after which a special election should be held to replace Fetterman.


This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.