Google Warns of “Blood in the Street” to Its Employees

Google is threatening its employees with a massive layoff drive that could significantly downsize the company.

Reportedly, Google is changing its work culture, due to the upcoming recession. It already warned its employees either to meet the company’s expectations or be ready to be fired.

Chaos in Google

According to the report published in the Insider, Google executives are warning their employees that a mass layoff is imminent if the company does not meet its business goals.

Last month, Google introduced a two-week hiring ban and asked its senior management to closely monitor any additional headcount within the company. Although two weeks have already passed, the company has yet to lift its hiring ban.

The senior leadership of the company told employees of the Google Cloud sales department they are examining the overall productivity of the workforce.

Some employees of the tech giant argued Google is warning its employees of the imminent “blood in the streets” if the company fails to meet its targets for the third quarter of the ongoing year.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai asked his employees last month, in an all-hands meeting, to increase productivity, due to the rising economic uncertainty which is disproportionately impacting the technology sector.

Pichai also predicted the economic uncertainty would only increase with time; so he needs to gather ideas from his team members to increase productivity within the company.

The CEO further noted Google deserves better productivity, considering the number of headcounts in the company.

The Insider also spoke to some employees of Google, who shared the disturbing stories from within the company. One employee of Google told the media outlet the workplace culture of the company is changing rapidly.

A manager told Insider (on condition of anonymity) that he is uncertain when the company will ask him to start hiring again.

According to the manager, the company is unable to figure out its budget for any new hires, which is pushing the search engine giant into chaos.

Furthermore, another employee accused Google of being rude in its communication with employees, which suggests the company will be equally strict in making layoff decisions.

In addition to that, one employee noted the company is instilling paranoia in its employees, which is counterproductive and leads to a significant decline in morale.

Technology Sector is Facing Unprecedented Crisis

Google is not the only tech company putting its employees on notice, due to the economic instability.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg insisted the world is going through one of the most difficult times; so Facebook needs to introduce cost-cutting measures, which also include a hiring freeze.

Likewise, Zuckerberg also emphasized Facebook will need to fire employees who are not performing as per the company’s needs.

Facebook’s rival, Twitter, also introduced a hiring freeze as the future of the company remains uncertain, due to Elon Musk backing out from purchasing the company in the $44 billion deal.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.