Google Hiring Members of Controversial, Cult-like Religious Group

A controversial cult-like religious group, which is accused of sex trafficking, is dominating key positions in Google.

This urged a former employee of the tech giant to sue the company for discriminating against people based on their religion.

Google Favors a Religious Cult in its Employment Drive

The New York Times’ bombshell revealed Google employs a large number of people from an unusual religious group named Fellowship of Friends.

As the group managed to infiltrate the powerful ranks of Google, it is favoring new employees from the same group. According to the New York Times, this infiltration has been happening for years now. 

So, Kevin Lloyd, a former Google employee, decided to sue the company over recruitment and promotion discrimination.

In order to make Google accountable, Lloyd hired a lawyer who previously helped another Google employee win $6.5 million for denying her a promotion just because she did not belong to the Fellowship of Friends.

Lloyd claimed he was fired for blowing a whistle against Google’s discriminatory practice of favoring one religious cult.

The Google employee also stated he was warned he could lose his job if he did not drop the issue.

Fellowship of Friends Involved in Sex Trafficking

Most of the people of the religious cult reside in California, while some of them also live in Asia and Europe. 

Founded by Robert Earl Burton in 1970, Friend of Fellowship has a belief that current civilization has been doomed and a new civilization will soon be formed.

The Fellowship first made headlines in 1984 when one of its former members claimed the founder of the group sexually assaulted young men after admitting them into his religion.

Likewise, another employee filed a lawsuit against Burton in 1996, accusing him of sexual misconduct.

However, Google rejected the allegations. A spokesperson of the company told the New York Post that Google has a rigid framework in place to avoid any discrimination and conflict of interests.

The spokesperson further noted the company does not ask for the religious inclination of any employee.

When the New York Times scrutinized Google for its controversial behavior, it found some conclusive evidence that could push the tech giant into chaos.

The liberal media network verified lawsuit claims through a series of interviews and examining public records, including documents, membership rosters, event budgets, and photos taken at various events of the organization.

One of the notable members of the religious cult Peter Lubbers leads Google Developer Studio.

He became part of the cult when he moved to America from his home country, the Netherlands. GDS is the most influenced unit of the internet giant by the Fellowship.

The lawsuit indicated nearly half of the members of the GDS belong to the religious cult. Not only this, but the wine produced in the Fellowship’s vineyard is sold to Google for big profits. 

According to the lawsuit, the religious group also ran a hiring agency through which it installed employees in important positions at Google.