General Milley: The U.S. and China at a “Great Power Competition”

"140515-D-VO565-003" ( United States government work) by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

As the origins of the pandemic are adding additional strain to the relationship between the U.S. and China, the Chinese government is not afraid to throw accusations back at the Biden administration. This is particularly true for issues relating to foreign policy and biological weapons.

On Wednesday, at the commencement address at the Air Force Academy, General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made a statement saying that peace is “shredding at the edge.”

China’s Activities To “Cover-Up” or Lack of Transparency

Milley told the graduating cadets that the country is at the 76th year of peace after World War II. However, it is under stress. The U.S. general then admitted that the country is in a “great power competition” with two strong countries, China and Russia.

The four-star general added that the challenge right now is to stay competitive while avoiding “great power conflict.”

In addition to this, Milley also made comments about the lack of transparency by the Chinese government, in regards to the investigation related to the origins of the pandemic. 

Milley said to Fox News that what he said a year ago about the pandemic is still true today. The origins of the pandemic is still “inconclusive.”

He added that since the pandemic started, there seems to be activities to cover it up or there are lack of transparency. The general then added that they have to “get to the bottom of it.” 

“046-P20210308AS-1400” (United States government work) by The White House

Yet, the Biden administration does not want to commit to making China liable if the lab leak theory is proven to be true. 

During Wednesday’s press briefing, when the question was raised as to whether the emergence of the virus was a “deliberate or not accident,” principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre only said that they have not ruled out anything yet. 

Fox News’ Peter Doocy also asked Jean-Pierre whether Biden would attempt to punish China for it. Jean-Pierre answered that they won’t go there “just yet.” 

She then explained that they will first conduct a 90-day review. Once they have the 90-day review, they will reassess.

China to U.S.: What are the “secrets” hiding behind over 200 U.S. bio-lab

On Thursday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson wrote on Twitter. He posted a question asking about the “secrets” that are hiding behind the “suspicion-shrouded Fort Detrick” as well as over 200 U.S. biological laboratories all over the world.

Lijian added that in July 2019, reports about an unexplained outbreak of respiratory disease happened in northern Virginia, as well as the EVALI outbreaks in Wisconsin.

Furthermore, Chinese officials also took aim at how the U.S. handled the conflict between Israel and Palestine; these officials claimed that the U.S. turned a blind eye to the suffering Muslims in Palestine when the clash between Israel and Palestine escalated.

Meanwhile, Chinese officials took aim at the U.S. amid the Israeli-Palestinian conflict earlier in May. Their statements came after the U.S. spoke out against China’s treatment of Uighurs at a United Nations event in mid-May.

Meanwhile, United States Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield stated that the Biden administration will continue to stand up and speak out against the Chinese government. This will persist until China stop the “crimes against humanity” that they commit against Uighurs as well as other minorities in Xinjiang.