Gay Superman Fails to Live Up to the Hype!

"superman_logo" by Mike Knapp

After what seemed like 18 of the worst issues the comic book industry managed to pump out, Superman: Son of Kal-El, the franchise spinoff featuring Clark Kent’s bisexual son Jon Kent, was discontinued.

While this does sound like a time for all Superman fans to rejoice, it’s not exactly the end of this poorly-written character. The DC company announced they’re working on a miniseries featuring Jon, set to hit shelves in March 2023.

“S is for Superman” by Gareth Simpson

Embarrassing attempts at making Superman “woke” canceled after 18 issues

DC Comics made this announcement last week during Comic Con in New York, much to the dismay of the long-time Superman fans who never asked for this rebranding of a beloved character.

The spokesmen for the company stated Superman: Son of Kal-El will be ending with issue #18, but writer and artist duo Tom Taylor and Clayton Henry will continue telling stories with Jon Kent in the future.

The upcoming six-issue miniseries will feature Jon, still as “woke” as can be, taking revenge against the man who’d previously kidnapped and tortured him, a less than heroic feat from the hero no one asked for.

Unfortunately, neither Taylor nor Henry is aware of how much of a flop their comic was, or at least they choose not to be. They’re going as far as claiming DC’s decision to continue the series was a testament to the “fantastic” response that fans had to Jon.

Jon Kent saves the day…by fighting climate change

However, it’s often noted the majority of these “fans” who were overjoyed with a bisexual Superman never even picked up a comic book before. Seeing how it’s all just a way to feed the “woke” propaganda, chances are they won’t be reading this one either.

This is evident by the fact that the pilot issue of Son of Kal-El only sold 68k copies on release, dipping down to half that amount by the end of September next year.

In stark contrast to the “woke” propaganda pushed by Taylor and Henry, the return of the original Superman comic had the first issue selling over 130k copies, drawing in new fans by the thousands.

Jon Kent never really took off as a superhero. The son of the Man of Steel certainly failed to live up to his father’s name, with audiences criticizing both his portrayal and the very content matter of the comics he was in.

Instead of fighting off massive threats to humanity, Jon was more often than not seen discussing school shootings and taking part in climate change marches.

By the time the 6th issue hit the shelves, he was already bisexual, having initiated a relationship with one of his male friends.

The majority of the fanbase took great issue with this, prompting even former Superman actor Dean Cain to speak up and accuse DC of “bandwagoning,” while citing every other character that came out as gay in the previous months.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.