Gavin Newsom is Now Daring Ron DeSantis to Debate Him

California has a lot of issues.

As it turns out, many people have left the state, owing to crime, unaffordable living expenses, strict COVID rules, and a litany of other problems. Today, California struggles with its electric grid, going as far as calling for state residents to lower their use of power.

However, despite the mountain of problems facing California, Governor Gavin Newsom has his sights set elsewhere. Newsom, rather than improving his own state’s position, is consistently attacking Florida and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Amid DeSantis dispatching illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Newsom wrote a letter to the Justice Department demanding punitive action against DeSantis.

When the Florida governor claimed that Newsom’s “hair gel” is causing issues with his cognitive functions, Newsom reacted by daring DeSantis to debate him, as reported by Newsmax.

An Unhinged Vendetta

Newsom made his dare to DeSantis via Twitter. According to the California governor, his Floridian counterpart is messing around with folks’ lives and “struggling” to lead.

Therefore, Newsom called upon DeSantis to debate him, saying the Florida governor is only after “attention.” The California governor even said he’d bring his own “hair gel” to the debate whereas DeSantis can bring his “hair spray.”

Newsom also made it clear that he’d like to debate DeSantis ahead of Election Day. Months ago, the California governor used the 4th of July to run ads in Florida that accused DeSantis of being at odds with freedom amid his leadership of the state.

These ads were widely panned, seeing as Newsom was the first governor in the nation to implement a statewide lockdown for tens of millions of people in California.

Newsom’s talk of freedom is also ironic for a governor who supported COVID vaccine mandates and repeatedly broke the very same guidelines he demanded Californians to follow.

Some might even argue the California governor is the one seeking attention, seeing as he can’t quit taking potshots at DeSantis.

A Horrible Look For Newsom

The California governor’s demand for DeSantis to debate him ahead of Election Day is quickly backfiring.

Bob Brigham, who previously worked for Newsom, recently tweeted at the California governor, letting him know a key political rule is that someone’s already lost the argument once they start demanding to debate someone.

Newsom, thus far, hasn’t responded to the pointer from his former staffer. Though if the California governor’s behavior as of late is any indicator, this won’t be the last time he throws stones at DeSantis.

What do you think about Gavin Newsom demanding Ron DeSantis to debate him out of the blue like this? Do you believe DeSantis will or should take Newsom up on his offer? Feel free to share with us in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.