Gas Stoves Now Under Fire From Democrats

For quite some time, the Democrat Party has been screaming about the danger of climate change. Climate change activists allege that because of these shifts, the general public has a responsibility to modify certain behaviors in order to keep things manageable.

Unfortunately, the solutions being proposed by Democrats simply do not work. Electric vehicles, for instance, are having problems with charging in cold weather. In the wake of last year’s storms in Florida, some of these vehicles exploded.

All of that comes on top of widespread problems with charging stations for electric vehicles actually working.

However, Democrats are still bound and determined to go down this road of climate change absolutism above all else. This now has them rallying against gas stoves, per Townhall.

Understanding the Leftist Crusade Against Gas Stoves

The so-called “hidden hazards” of gas stoves are being used by the Democrats who believe these tools should be next on the chopping block.

Some Democrats, like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have even alleged that NO2 exposure from gas stoves can have negative impacts on cognitive health; therefore, they should be banned.

At this rate, this new anti-gas stoves crusade is taking a lot of heat. Many restaurants across the United States rely upon gas stoves in order to get food to customers and run their businesses.

Many individuals, in the privacy of their own homes, likewise use gas stoves to cook food for their families. If Democrats go down the road of seriously pursuing this agenda, they’re going to see major pushback.

The fact that it’s even being publicly entertained by lawmakers and other public officials is a problem in and of itself.

Authoritarian Bans

Unfortunately, authoritarian bans in the name of the climate change movement have been embraced by the Democrat Party.

In real time, Democrats have legislation on the books to ban the sales of gas-powered cars within 12 years. This, similarly to talk about gas stove bans, exists in the name of climate change and ushering in electric vehicles as the shiny new toys.

Sadly, Democrats have not brought forward any solutions to the growing list of problems associated with electric vehicles. If Americans choose, on their own volition, to drive electric vehicles (instead of gas-powered cars), that’s their business.

However, the use of electric vehicles should never be mandated or forced via the phasing out of cars that run on fuel.

The months ahead will determine just how far Democrats are willing to go in the name of taking out gas stoves.

What do you think about Democrats moving to ban gas stoves in the name of their concerns about climate change? Do you think the left will succeed in taking out gas stoves? Let us know in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.