Tulsi Gabbard Wants Biden to Apologize to Border Officials

Former Democrat congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard called out Biden for his faulty approach of Haitian illegal immigration. She likewise noted the president’s poor handling of the crisis as Biden promised to make border officials accountable for the violence that ensued at the border. 

Gabbard called out Biden for threatening democracy

In an interview with Jesse Watters in “Watters’ World,” former Representative Tulsi Gabbard called out the president for putting blame on Border Patrol officers for the violence that transpired at the border.

Gabbard slammed going against the rule of inquiry by accusing border officials without even conducting an investigation into what happened. She added that these actions from the president threaten the democracy in the United States.

The former congresswoman also said the president is attempting to act as  jury, judge, and executioner, all at the same time. 

Thus, the former lawmaker called on the president to apologize for putting the blame on border officials. Gabbard also wants Biden to apologize for announcing that he will hold border officials accountable even before an investigation is conducted. 

Gabbard emphasized these types of presidential statements could influence the inquiry and investigation. She noted that it will be hard to expect impartial results of the investigation after the president of the United States already declared the officials guilty. 

Gabbard noted these actions of the president could undermine the rule of law

The former congresswoman then noted how she is worried about the future of the country moving forward, as these actions could undermine democracy. Gabbard went on and alleged these actions display a failure to implement rule of law that is harmful to the future of the country. 

Gabbard likewise scrutinized the media for its role in impairing the interests of the country in exchange for advertising their agenda. This is not the first time the former Democrat representative criticized the president for improperly handling the immigration situation at the border.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Gabbard endorsed the policies of former President Trump and advised Biden to reinstate the policies of his predecessor. According to Gabbard, only cartels, gangs, and human traffickers rake benefits from the open border policy that the Biden administration is trying to push. 

Gabbard likewise noted the flawed approach of the Biden administration when it comes to resolving the issues at the border. Gabbard emphasized that it is not possible to secure the country without securing the borders. 

It can be remembered that Gabbard is not the only Democrat who voiced their criticism against the president and his administration, particularly on how he handled the situation at the border. 

Julian Castro, who worked as the secretary for Housing and Urban Development under the Obama administration, likewise ridiculed Biden for the inhumane treatment of Haitian immigrants. Democrat lawmakers were likewise denouncing Biden for not handling the crisis in an effective fashion.