Former President Donald Trump’s Iconic Plane Returns With a Patriotic Paint Job

"N757AF TRUMP 1991 Boeing 757-2J4 C/N 25155/371" by Tomás Del Coro

After what seemed to be a series of vague hints at his return to the political scene, Trump revealed his iconic Boeing 757, aptly named “Trump Force One” during his time in office, will be returning to the skies.

The massive private aircraft was spotted landing on a West Palm Beach airport in Florida this week on Wednesday after what seemed to be a lengthy series of renovations in a Louisiana aircraft maintenance and upgrade facility.

“Photo of the Day: April 23, 2018” by Trump White House Archived

The 2024 campaign is practically confirmed

Flight records show the plane has been doing test flights over Lake Charles near the facility, which isn’t uncommon after any new equipment or tweaks are added to a plane’s overall build.

Extensive test flights fall under standard procedure.

However, one major change to the plane everyone noticed was the “T” was no longer on the aircraft’s tail. It was replaced with a detailed depiction of Stars and Stripes, signaling he might be using it for a potential presidential campaign once again.

The video of the plane and the changes to it was shared to Twitter by Eric Trump, which was to be expected, seeing as Trump himself vowed he’ll be returning it to the skies as early as Fall 2022.

While it’s certainly nice seeing the former president making some major movements in the political sphere of things, we can only hope that this positivity and optimism carries over two years from now, when it’ll matter more than ever.

Spreading the MAGA movement in style

The plane was a symbol of Trump’s 2016 campaign. He often had back-to-back events where he would deliver speeches straight off the stairs to the plane’s passenger area, right before heading off to the next one.

Hilariously enough, while Trump could hold a speech and captivate an entire crowd off these stairs, Biden is struggling to keep his balance while climbing up their Air Force 1 counterpart, as noted per the viral video of the president falling UP the stairs.

During his time in office, Trump stopped using his private Boeing 757 in favor of the presidential AF one plane, which is much more heavily armored and durable than your standard passenger airliner.

Even though it’s still uncertain whether Trump will be running for office in 2024, the changes made to his iconic aircraft are likely the closest thing we’ll have to confirmation in the near future. Up until then, the only thing left to do is wait.

Thankfully, Republicans have made some major progress ahead of the midterm elections, signaling the November elections will be a clean sweep for the GOP, at least according to the polls.

If Trump manages to return to the White House in 2024, it would make him the second-ever US president to serve two non-consecutive terms in office, with the first being Grover Cleveland.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.