Former CNN Host Chris Cuomo Defends Trump Voters

Chris Cuomo, a disgraced former CNN anchor, blasted Democrats for condemning every Trump voter, claiming some of them are “quite susceptible to normal, ordinary rhetoric.”

Cuomo States Trump Voters Are Normal People

Asserting that Trump voters “vilify immigrants, Jews, African Americans, and everyone who isn’t ‘Christian’ by their criteria,” Cuomo reacted to a leftist.

Cuomo advised this left-winger to look places other than social media for more information.


Another liberal made the snide remark that Trump supporters “just seemed to be racist and xenophobic,” to which Cuomo retaliated.

“Some. Not all,” said Cuomo. “You are exaggerating, which limits your potential to widen your reach.”

“Many of these followers, according to Yang, were once Trump backers. Why did Democrats not win them? Perhaps because you hate everyone who supported him.”

On HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” over the summer, Cuomo, 51, said since being fired from CNN this year, he felt like he had lost “a sense of meaning.”

“Clearly I’m not being neutral; this is my brother,” Cuomo said to Maher. “Certainly, I’m looking to assist him. This has been difficult and watching others struggle teaches you much about people in your world.”

“It is true that you identify your friends while you are struggling. I’ve known who my pals are for a really long time; therefore I’ve always known who they are. I have, however, observed him in a struggle.”

Later, when Maher brought out how CNN changed to become more opinion-based overall during the Trump administration, Cuomo argued that it was not “a march to opinion.”

“I believe it takes care of the requirement to serve the interests of the public,” he stated.

“We faced a situation the media in this nation had never encountered, where someone weaponized the facts and triumphed in nearly every argument by finally blaming a system the public has rejected, along with the media.”

“Extraordinary peril will also call for unprecedented effort. It wasn’t, in my judgment, about abandoning analysis and reality in favor of opinion. However, they had to do it; I felt strongly that way.”

Cuomo Warns Not to Play the Game

“It was difficult. Even if it is absurd, it nevertheless hurts to think of myself as the previous president’s antagonist,” said Cuomo.

Cuomo blamed the viewers for the absurdity that occurs on cable news at another point in the conversation, saying, “You can’t ask the people in the press to not play the game everyone else is playing.”

Cuomo continued, “You are enabling yourself to be put on sides or in tribes or however you want to label it. Though when that is what you want, are you meant to somehow detach from that, when it is something that connects with you? No.”

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.