Former CDC Director Believes COVID-19 Emerged from Wuhan Lab

In an interview with Dr. Marc Siegel (a Fox News contributor and a professor of medicine at the NYU Langone Medical Center), Robert Redfield, a former director of the CDC, explained the reason why he believes that the pandemic originated from a lab leak in Wuhan. 

Redfield: COVID-19’s efficient human-to-human infection contradicts the natural movements of coronaviruses

Redfield claimed that the COVID-19’s efficient human-to-human infection contradicted the natural behavior of other deadly coronaviruses that has the similar profile. He compared it with MERS and SARS, which first infected humans through animal contact, but spread in a slower pace compared to COVID-19.

The former CDC director also added that he thinks it is biologically not plausible that COVID-19 originated from a bat to man then became the one of the most infectious viruses. He added that this is not consistent with how other coronaviruses infects humans. 

Redfield added that this inconsistency suggests an alternative hypothesis. He said it possibly started from a bat virus that was in a laboratory; this is the laboratory where the virus was taught, educated, evolved and became a virus that efficiently transmits human to human. 

As conspiracy as to the origins of the virus intensifies, the public is calling to investigate the lab leak hypothesis. 

Redfield: disappointed with the “lack of openness” in the scientific community

However, Redfield expressed his disappointment and stated that there is a “lack of openness” in the scientific community to look into both hypotheses. 

The former CDC director and virologist explained that he is just giving his best opinion as a virologist, adding that he does not think it’s possible that the virus started from a bat to an animal.

He later added that the scientific community does not know what animal that is or how it transmitted to humans. Scientists don’t know how the virus immediately learned to transmit from human to human to the point of causing one of the disastrous pandemics we’ve ever had in history. 

Meanwhile, last May, Biden mentioned that the U.S. intelligence community looked at the two likely origins of the pandemic. However, they haven’t reached a definitve answer yet. The president also called officials to present their best reports within 90 days.

Beijing, on the other hand, is trying to deflect the international scrutiny they are facing; this comes as they accuse U.S. officials of political motivations behind their call for further investigation, as to the possibility of lab leak in Wuhan.

Moreover, Redfield also expressed his doubts about the integrity of the World Health Organization which completed a joint report with China that was released last March. According to the joint report, a lab leak was “extremely unlikely.”

Redfield claimed that the WHO is “too compromised” by the influence of Beijing to truly conduct a transparent investigation.