Florida Threatens to Sue Biden for Snatching Workers’ Jobs 

Ron DeSantis, Florida’s Republican governor, has threatened to sue the Biden administration over COVID vaccine mandates. DeSantis is saying any such compulsion for workers getting vaccines will “lose in court.”

Florida governor: Biden continues to trespass on people’s liberties

Speaking at a press conference in Fort Myers on Thursday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he is offended as the president continues trespassing on people’s liberties.

DeSantis’ comments came after initial efforts by Texas Republicans where GOP Governor Greg Abbott already banned COVID vaccine mandates.

The Florida governor assured he would not let President Biden snatch jobs of hardworking employees via vaccine mandates. These are employees who burned the midnight oil during the pandemic. Likewise, DeSantis claimed even police officers are vulnerable to being fired if they prefer not to get vaccinated.

The governor claimed he has the responsibility to save Floridians from losing their jobs by whatever means he deems necessary. DeSantis said considering the situation of the economy right now, it is fundamentally wrong to fire people from their jobs.

DeSantis warned the Biden administration he would sue them in the 11th US circuit court of appeals, a court that listens to the federal cases of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

When Biden pushed companies with more than 100 employees to get their workforce vaccinated, Republican leaders nationwide scolded the incumbent administration.

Frontline workers must not be fired for rejecting vaccine mandates

DeSantis is a firm advocate of freedom of speech. He has often opposed mask mandates, vaccine passports, and COVID-related school restrictions. DeSantis already stood against schools that implement mask mandates and do not allow any opt-out policy.

The Florida governor is continuously fining schools and other entities which are enforcing mask mandates without respecting people’s choices.

When DeSantis docked the salaries of school officials over mask requirements, the Biden administration jumped into the tussle and assisted the schools with more than $500,000 in financial assistance.

Similarly, the DeSantis administration imposed a hefty fine of $3.57 million on Leon County which fired 14 people for refusing to get vaccinated. DeSantis’ assertiveness in resisting the vaccine mandate is showing tremendous results, as many cities and school districts surrendered to the governor’s calls.

The Florida governor was vocal about the role of police in his demands of not mandating the vaccines. He said the police had no ability to serve people through Zoom.

Instead, they needed to be present on the ground all throughout the pandemic; therefore, they do not deserve to be fired, just because they are refusing to get their jabs.

Meanwhile, during another press conference in Naples on Friday, DeSantis responded to Biden’s comments that the GOP should not make the vaccine mandate divisive. The Florida governor said Biden is the one who is making the issue divisive by taking people’s jobs away and pushing them into poverty.

DeSantis further schooled Biden that firefighters, police, and nurses were the frontline workers during the pandemic. Now asking them to leave their jobs is being divisive.