Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Has a Harsh Message For the IRS

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is poised for a solid win in the upcoming governor’s race where he’s seeking reelection to lead the Sunshine State.

After that, he will make an official decision about whether or not to run for president, but insiders already see all the signs of a man with true ambition.

As a military veteran and brilliant attorney, DeSantis understands the economic and social concerns of the American people. He knows the assaults of the Biden regime are no joke and somebody has to do something.

That’s where he’s stepped up to the plate, with pushback against draconian COVID measures and a role as a steady voice of opposition to the far-left extremism that’s currently got the White House in its grasp.

The latest version of this extremism is in the expansion of the IRS. Now, DeSantis decided to tell them the ugly truth straight to their smug, tax-collector faces.

DeSantis Ices IRS

Biden and his regime recently forced through a bill called the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). It does the opposite, opening the floodgates of government spending and green socialism.

This includes a massive expansion of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), boosting its employee ranks by 87,000 and empowering it even more.

Yes, this is just what we need right now: a bulked-up tax agency on steroids to steal whatever money we have left after the ravages of this runaway inflation.

Of course, this is what the left always does, disguising their radical agenda under layers of fake compassion and pretending to care about the environment, racism, “equality” or whatever other buzzwords they decided to shove down our throats.

People like DeSantis immediately see through their games and lies, because they’ve seen them 100 times before.

That’s why DeSantis told the plain truth: bulking up the IRS in such a way at this time is nothing more than a “middle finger” to the American people.

You Can’t Fight the Truth

The growth of the IRS is not some bogeyman nightmare that only exists in the right-wing imagination. It’s real. Those 87,000 new agents and $80 billion in additional funding won’t just go to buying balloons and gender sensitivity classes.

They’ll go to door knockers, investigators, forensic accountants, and all sorts of people to increasingly go after regular Americans who they will continue to accuse of not paying their “fair share.”

Can somebody please tell me what’s a fair share? Because working families already pay a hell of a lot too much in taxes and they don’t need more men in suits to hassle them.

I think we can all agree on that!

DeSantis Warns IRS ‘Going After’ Americans

As DeSantis said, this is about the IRS “going after” regular Americans. This has nothing to do with getting Bill Gates to pay a few million more.

DeSantis warned this has to do with cracking down on “independent contractors,” “small businesses” and regular citizens.

Talk about having your finger on the pulse. Love him or hate him, DeSantis absolutely gets it.

He understands what’s going on; he’s willing to speak up strongly and take action against it. These days, that is exactly what we need.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.