Florida Bills Sparks Complex Debate on Healthcare Coverage

Florida lawmakers have proposed a new bill that would require companies providing coverage for gender transition procedures to also cover expenses related to de-transitioning.

Dubbed the “Reverse Woke Act,” this proposed legislation mandates even if the person who wishes to de-transition is no longer an employee of the company, employers providing coverage for gender transition-related services must cover the costs of the de-transitioning process.

Legislation requires companies to cover de-transitioning services

Proposed legislation in Florida is bound to be the subject of controversy and much discussion.

The bill named “Reverse Woke Act,” specifies even if the individual who desires to de-transition is no longer employed by the company, employers who already offer coverage for gender transition-related services would still be responsible, in the event that the same person wants to go through the de-transitioning process.

As per the proposal, if an employee received gender dysphoria treatment through an employer’s coverage and later determined the treatment was not suitable for them, that employer would be responsible for covering all expenses related to reversing the gender dysphoria treatment.

The proposal described the treatment as all medical procedures and therapies. This may include hormone replacement therapy, surgery, or any other therapeutic interventions that aid individuals in their transition who are experiencing gender dysphoria.

This obligation holds irrespective of the individual’s present employment status with the company at the time of such determination.

Furthermore, an employer’s responsibilities under this section would not be influenced by whether the initial treatment was obtained within Florida.

They would be prohibited from connecting coverage of any subsequent treatment to the individual receiving such treatment within the state.

The bill proposes legal recourse for de-transition expenses denial

Suppose an organization refuses to provide coverage for expenses related to de-transition measures after previously covering transition services for the same individual.

In that case, the employee, or former employee, would be eligible to pursue a civil lawsuit to recoup the expenses of the de-transition measures, in addition to any damages arising from the employer’s noncompliance with the obligation to cover those expenses.

Florida State Senator Blaise Ingoglia, a Republican, proposed the bill.

According to Florida’s Voice, Senator Blaise Ingoglia released a statement saying “companies that present to cover the cost of gender affirmation surgeries in states like California, must be held accountable.”

Such actions are simply political maneuvers masked as healthcare and human resource decisions by woke corporations.

He further added, “Floridians should not be made the subject of political games to promote the leftist agenda of California’s governor. If these corporations genuinely valued their employees, providing coverage for de-transition measures ought to be an obvious choice for them.”

Blaise Ingoglia, who had previously been a member of Florida’s House of Representatives, was elected to the state Senate in the 2022 election.