Flight Restrictions Imposed After Drone Footage Revealed Damning Image

After damning drone footage was released on Thursday morning, it gave a picture of what the border crisis looks like. Following this, Biden’s FAA issued flight restrictions for drones along the area, preventing reporters from documenting the apparent and troubling situation at the border.

The flight restriction would ban reporters from documenting what is going on in the area

On Thursday evening, a two-week Temporary Flight Restriction was imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) along the bridge in Del Rio at the southern border. The flight restriction was imposed allegedly due to “special security reasons”.

It can be noted that on Thursday morning, Fox News released drone footage. This footage revealed thousands of illegal immigrants swarmed under the international bridge in Del Rio Texas.

According to Bill Melugin (the correspondent of Fox News who posted the footage), the ban imposed by the FAA would mean media can no longer document what is going on in the area. He added that they have been using drones for months and never faced any issues.

Melugin further noted they tried to ask the FAA for clarification of why the flight restriction was imposed. However, they haven’t heard any response from the FAA so far. Meanwhile, a statement was given by the FAA on Thursday evening.

This statement is claiming that Border Patrol requested the flight restriction to be imposed along that area. They stated that drones cause interference with law enforcement flights.

More than 8,000 illegal immigrants were recorded on Thursday. In addition to this data, the shocking video published by Fox News revealed the huge crowd of people under the bridge in Del Rio. These migrants were waiting to be processed after they crossed illegally at the southern border.

The video footage painted a picture of “Biden’s border crisis”

The current situation is “out of control,” as sources say; likewise, Border Patrol officers are getting more overwhelmed by the number as more people rush in every minute. The recent drone footage likewise painted a picture of the Biden administration’s failure to take control of the situation.

The surge keeps coming and illegal immigrants are relentlessly crossing the U.S. border. Meanwhile, the Biden administration can only blame the former Trump administration for the surge. The Biden White House is alleging the former president shut down the legal way for people to seek asylum.

Biden likewise claimed that strategies intended to address the root problems of illegal immigration were set aside by the Trump administration. Nevertheless, the flight restriction imposed by the Biden administration received instant criticism from conservatives.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton wrote a Twitter post, stating the flight restriction was such a “coincidence,” referring to how it was implemented the same day as the Fox News video footage was released.

Cotton added that the FAA should prepare to explain their side to Congress and discuss the abrupt decision made to block reporters from documenting Biden’s border crisis.