FJB Makes Rounds Across the Globe!

"Hands holding a "Let's go Brandon" sign" by Ivan Radic

Being a career politician, Joe Biden’s ability to lie through his teeth was visible from the very start. This dates back to his time in office during the Obama presidency, when he served as vice president.

As the years passed, Biden finally made his way back into office, this time as the president himself.

While it’s perfectly natural for Americans to be dissatisfied with his uneventful, disastrous presidency, it seems that Joe’s bad image made it all the way to Afghanistan.

“Afghan children” by @USArmy

After the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, nationals aren’t supportive of Biden’s decisions

Last week, after their Friday prayer, Afghanis gathered outside their mosques to join a protest against Joe Biden.

They were chanting “Joe Biden, stop lying,” in a manner reminiscing the evergreen moment when “Let’s Go Brandon” was popularized in mainstream media.

According to Reuters, what provoked these protests was a recent drone strike that brought about the death of the al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri this month, with the Taliban government claiming they had no information Zawahiri was living in Kabul.

As it turns out though, it’s likely the terrorists running the country were just disturbed by the fact the US has more info on what’s going on in Kabul than they do, prompting them to warn Biden never to order an attack on Afghan soil again.

Additionally, they stated if any similar incidents were to happen again in the near future, they will not shy away from retaliating against the US.

Should we be scared?

We’ve really gone full circle to the point where the Taliban are now sending warnings to the US.

This is the same terrorist group the US Army dethroned some two decades ago, showing a great deterioration in power ever since Joe was signed into office.

It seems implementing liberal policies and leftist agendas into every corner of every governing body in the US, as well as the military, was more important than maintaining the degree of power we once had. Now, we’re paying the consequences.

If that wasn’t enough, due to Biden’s terribly timed pullout from the country, there are now tens of thousands of Afghanis on American soil. There’s no doubt some of them would be happy to deliver on the Taliban’s promises.

If any of these attacks were to actually happen, they’d certainly be written up to the Biden administration’s legacy.

While 9/11 did happen during the Bush presidency, it ended up sparking a conflict that would eventually result in the death of the attack’s orchestrator, Osama Bin Laden.

As for Zawahiri, there’s still no confirmation on whether the drone strike was successful or if it was even the al Qaeda leader, to begin with. Although White House spokesman John Kirby was adamant about claiming the information was true.

One must remember this is the same administration that bombed an innocent family’s home on suspicions of it being an ISIS hideout, up until the media pressure became too much to ignore.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.