Five Texas Dems Test Positive for COVID-19 After Fleeing Election Vote

There are now five Texas Democrats who tested positive for coronavirus after they fled to Washington D.C. to abandon a special session. Merely a day after three Texas Democrat lawmakers tested positive for COVID-19, two more of their colleagues learned they caught the virus as well during their trip to Washington, D.C. 

Texas Democrat lawmakers fled to Washington D.C., to abandon special session

Last week, Texas Democrat lawmakers decided to charter a private flight to Washington D.C., to deny Republicans the quorum need to pass the state’s voting law. Some lawmakers even posted pictures on Twitter as they ride a private jet, all without masks. 

The acts of the Texas Democrat lawmakers obstructed the attempts made by Republicans to pass election integrity laws. Democrats are very vocal about their opposition to the voting law. Therefore, as an act of resistance, they abandoned the special session. This move garnered national attention. 

Some lawmakers posted pictures of them on Twitter riding the private jet without masks. This sparked criticism as masks mandates imposed by federal transportation applies to chartered flights as well as to private jet terminals. However, not one Democrat lawmaker was seen wearing a mask. 

Vice President Kamala Harris had a closed-door meeting with the Texas lawmakers who tested positive

A few days later, five lawmakers who were on the flight tested positive. Coincidentally, this news came the same day Vice President Kamala Harris went to Walter Reed Medical Center. According to the White House, Harris’s visit last Sunday was a mere “routine” doctor’s appointment. 

It can be noted that the vice president met with the Democrat lawmakers, as she hosted a closed-door meeting with the lawmakers. According to pool reports, Harris walked into the room containing over 60 people.

When the office of the vice president was asked whether Harris is experiencing any symptoms consistent with coronavirus, they did not give any response. 

However, Symone Sanders, the spokesperson of the vice president, maintained that Harris has not been in close proximity with any of the lawmakers who contracted the virus. 

Sanders added in a statement that the vice president was not at risk of exposure, based on the timeline of when the Democrat lawmakers tested positive. 

Harris’s spokesperson also added that the vice president and her staff were not in any way in close contact with the COVID-positive lawmakers. Therefore, there is no need for them to be quarantined. Sanders later emphasized that the vice president and all of her staff are completely inoculated.

The news of more COVID-positive Democrat lawmakers comes as states throughout America are wrestling with the rise in COVID infections caused by the Delta variant. 

According to the information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, confirmed cases throughout the country are on the rise. Recently, the average of daily COVID cases is 26,306. This number is 69.3% higher, compared to the previous average of 15,541 cases per day.