Female Workers of Wall Street Giant Speak About Sexual Exploitation

Several female employees of one of the top Wall Street investment companies, Goldman Sachs, accused the company’s managers of sexual assault and gender discrimination.

Almost 1,400 people filed a class-action discrimination lawsuit against Goldman Sachs, claiming senior executives of the firm remained involved in sexually predatory behavior against the female employees of the company.

Goldman Sachs Comes in Trouble

Court documents against Goldman Sachs mentioned more than 75 episodes of sexual misconduct and seven instances of extreme sexual assault, including rape and attempted rape.

Reportedly, Goldman Sachs only used to warn its male staff members, instead of taking legal action against them whenever female staff members complained about harassment.

According to the court documents, one male manager took his female colleague to an empty office and asked her for a sexual favor. Furthermore, the same manager told the female worker he masturbated by listening to her voice.

The court records, which mention the harassment incidents from 2000 to 2011, also reported one male manager told her female subordinate she would do good in bed.

Likewise, the lawsuit mentioned another incident when a male executive proposed to a female staff member and consistently passed sexually aggressive comments toward her.

One female worker even claimed a male colleague gave her drugs and raped her after a baseball game at the company.

Goldman Sachs Dismissed Claims of Female Workers

As per the lawsuit, one female stopped her male boss from making sexual advances against her. Though the male boss followed her, trying to grab and throw her into a bed until the female employee managed to lock the door after running out of the room. 

Similarly, one female complained about the harassment to her boss, but the boss himself put his hand on her back to harass her while listening to the complaint.

In addition to that, one woman revealed that a male colleague pushed her to an office wall, grabbed her by her jaw, lifted her in midair, and threatened to “rip” her face off.

Some women also established that they were not allowed to take a break from their work even though they had doctors’ recommendations with them during their pregnancies.

However, a spokesperson of Goldman Sachs asserted the harassment lawsuit against the company is far away from reality. According to the spokesperson, many events quoted in the lawsuit are two decades old and they are mentioned inaccurately in court documents.

Likewise, the spokesperson noted Goldman Sachs is extremely strict in considering sexual harassment complaints, as the company takes immediate action to terminate troubling employees.

Even though Goldman Sachs is aware of all the prevailing sexual harassment in the company, it still takes minimal action against the harassers.

The lawsuit mentioned managers who are involved in sexual assault and gender stereotyping only get a verbal warning from the company.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.