Feds Unlocked Border Gates to Welcome Illegals in America

Even though former President Trump tried to protect the US southern border by spending billions of dollars to erect a border wall, the Biden administration is still allowing illegal immigrants to enter the US.

A viral video shows federal agents unlocking border gates for illegal immigrants, allowing them to enter the US without any security checks.

Federal Government Creating Chaos on Texas-Mexico Border

The video from the Texas-Mexico border came at a time when the country is already grappling with record-breaking illegal immigration, per data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

In one video clip, numerous immigrants were seen standing in Mexico behind a locked gate. Afterward, another video showed federal agents unlocking the door, thus allowing almost 25 illegal immigrants into the country without even frisking them.

The disturbing videos triggered widespread criticism from right-wing stakeholders. Calling the episode “unbelievable,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott noted the federal government is reversing all the safety measures of red states.

Furthermore, Abbott argued the open border policy of the Biden administration is causing an unprecedented crisis, which should be stopped at any cost.

This border incident also reveals stark differences between the US federal government and the state government of Texas.

Reportedly, the gate was locked by the Texas National Guard, which is controlled by the Republican governor of the state. CBP officials unlocked the gate and Texas National Guard personnel remained watching the federal agents as they unlocked the gate.

Biden Reversing Abbott’s Efforts to Protect US Borders

Since Biden’s inauguration, Abbott has become the face of the conservative movement to fight illegal immigration into the United States.

He, alongside Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, is transporting illegal immigrants to blue cities, particularly New York City and Washington DC, forcing Democrats to face the consequences of their own progressive policies.

Until now, almost 10,000 illegal immigrants have been sent to Washington DC and NYC, which has triggered an outcry from the liberal administrations of these cities.

Although the ongoing fiscal year is likely to break all the previous illegal immigration records, federal Border Patrol agents are still trying to integrate illegal immigrants into the United States immigration system.

Only a small number of illegal immigrants are returned to Mexico under Title 42 exemptions, which allow border officials to return immigrants, citing the health protocols.

Reportedly, only 74,573 immigrants were returned under Title 42 in July when immigrant encounters reached 199,976.

These far-left policies of the Biden administration also enraged some border agents, who believe the federal government is forcing them to process illegal immigrants, instead of returning them to Mexico.

Earlier this year, multiple Border Patrol agents lashed out at Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz when they tried to boost the morale of border agents in the wake of skyrocketing illegal immigration.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.