Federal Judge Tosses Aside Biden’s Mask Mandate

A federal judge came to rescue Americans’ freedom on Monday as she tossed Biden’s newly extended travel mask mandate.

The mandate is thus declared null and void.

Federal Judge Reverses Biden’s Mask Mandate

When coronavirus started receding in America, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lifted some mask mandates.

However, recently this travel mask mandate was extended for travelers of public transportation, as well as the passengers of airplanes and trains, up to May 3.

Health Freedom Defense Fund, alongside two frequent travelers, challenged the decision in the US federal court in Florida.

This allowed federal Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle to overturn the decision.

According to the judge, the CDC exceeded its authority, as the mandate violated the Administrative Procedure Act. Likewise, Mizelle claimed the mandate was against the federal rulemaking process. 

While enacting the restriction, the CDC relied on the 1944 Public Health Services Act, which states the agency can enforce measures to prevent the spread of diseases from other countries into the United States.

For this purpose, the CDC can utilize various measures, including inspection, sanitation, destruction of contaminated animals, and others, to maintain public health safety.

However, the CDC relied on the term “sanitation” present in the act to extend its mask mandates, which the judge believed was a misinterpretation of the term itself.

Thus, the judge added things that are supposed to sanitize actually keep other things away from dirt, which is not the function of a mask. 

Similarly, the judge asserted sanitation is the term applied to buildings and not human beings, which renders the measure ineffective.

CDC Failed to Convince the Judge

Mizelle furthermore established the CDC failed to defend its bid in front of the court.

The mask mandate came when the pandemic numbers were decreasing, and it had already been there for more than one year.

According to the plaintiffs, CDC’s measure was “arbitrary and capricious,” as it exempted some groups, like children less than two years old, but included others.

Even though the judge announced the decision explicitly, airlines are have rolled back their mandates

Right after the verdict, United Airlines and other major airlines announced that the mask mandate would be pulled down, with employees and customers getting to choose whether they wear masks.

American courts remained at crossroads with the Biden administration for most of the COVID time, as many courts struck down mandates from the government.

Previously, many airline companies also called for the removal of mask mandates.

The biggest blow the government got in this regard was in January when the US Supreme Court declared mandatory COVID vaccination for private employees null and void.

However, the same Supreme Court also upheld another mandate which was targeted toward health workers.