FBI Politicization of Threat Tag Exposed By Whistleblower

An agent-turned-whistleblower informed the House select panel on the weaponization of the federal government that the FBI issued a threat tag. This happened after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year, but it “changed” to focus on pro-life groups.

Breaking Cases Into Multiple Files

FBI Special Agent Garret O’Boyle, from the Kansas City Field Office Wichita Unit, stated the FBI ordered him to break one domestic terrorism file into “four other cases” to show Congress an inflow of cases.

O’Boyle claimed the FBI devised the threat tag “THREATSTOSCOTUS2022” for the pro-life assignment, following the high court’s ruling which reversed Roe v. Wade and restored abortion to the states.

After the judgment, O’Boyle argued the threat tag was justified since intimidating a Supreme Court officer is a federal felony. The FBI has tracked similar incidents using tags.

O’Boyle noted this threat tag moved to pro-life adherence.

He asked the panel, “Why are you focused on pro-life individuals?” in a transcript acquired by Fox News Digital. Pro-choice activists protest or threaten Supreme Court judges’ homes.

O’Boyle stated the FBI wanted investigators to investigate pregnancy facilities.

They would be threatened because people felt abortion was suddenly prohibited, but it was only referred back to the states, he said, noting the assignment seemed unusual at the time.

Then, O’Boyle was given a request for a collection and told to ask his sensitive human source, which he stated was pro-life, many questions concerning Supreme Court threats.

O’Boyle alleged the FBI retaliated for his protected disclosures to Congress.

Statement From The FBI

After being suspended, O’Boyle declared the FBI barred him from obtaining his personal items from a Virginia storage firm contracted by the agency. O’Boyle estimates he paid $10,000 to get his stuff from FBI storage.

O’Boyle told the panel that the FBI was being politicized against agents or anyone who wanted to speak out about agency wrongdoing before this. The FBI later informed Fox News Digital that violence and threats are their priority.

The FBI stated it would rigorously investigate any danger or use of violence by someone who cites extreme ideas to justify their acts, regardless of motivation or topic. They don’t investigate political or social ideas.

Shortly thereafter, the agency declined to discuss specific danger tags, but reminded the public of their purpose. It added that tags are statistical tools for data analysis and reporting. Threat tags do not modify the FBI’s threat prioritization or investigative criteria.

The FBI said tags tracked narcotics and human trafficking. The FBI also denied that it manipulates domestic terrorism numbers.

Domestic terrorism needs a probable federal criminal offense and the improper use or threat of violent force to advance political or social goals for the FBI to investigate.

The FBI said it follows the facts and never investigates based on First Amendment behavior.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.