FBI is Subpoenaing Republican Lawmakers After Ransacking Trump’s Home

Days after dozens of federal agents went ransacking the home of President Trump in Palm Springs, Florida, for a good 10 hours, the FBI also subpoenaed a number of GOP state lawmakers.

This comes in actions increasingly viewed by right-wing pundits as a worrisome development of cracking down on the opposition ahead of the November elections.

Looking Into ‘Alternate State Electors Plot’

More than 30 FBI agents raided the Mar-a-Lago estate of Trump, his primary home, on Monday, reportedly in search of missing White House records.

The operation in question may see him banned from holding public office ever again if he gets sentenced for mishandling government documents.

Then, on Tuesday, a day after the raid against Trump, the FBI seized with no explanation the cellphone of GOP Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, a close ally of Trump.

Perry’s cellphone got confiscated by FBI operatives while he was at an airport with his family.

On Wednesday, FBI agents visited and subpoenaed a number of Republican members of the Pennsylvania state House and Senate in order to seek out more information on Perry.

There was allegedly a scheme under which he would have wanted to “install alternate electors” in the 2020 presidential election, The Daily Mail reported, citing PennLive.

The report says subpoenaed Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania were told the agency is looking for them to help with their investigation; they are not the target.


Biden Employing ‘Banana Republic Tactics’

Reacting in a special statement to the seizing of his cellphone, Rep. Scott Perry told Fox News he was “not surprised” that this happened, but is “outraged.”

He revealed the information on his phone is about his political/legislative activities and personal and private discussions with his wife and family.

None of those things are “the government’s business,” the Pennsylvania Republican quipped.

He complained while he was traveling with his family on Tuesday, they were approached by three federal agents who showed him a warrant and took his cellphone.

Perry emphasized the FBI made no effort whatsoever to contact his lawyer, who would have made an arrangement for the device to be handed over.

The Pennsylvania House member described the confiscation as an “unnecessary and aggressive action.”

Perry characterized the moves of the federal government as “banana republic tactics” and called upon “every citizen” of the United States to be concerned.

They should be concerned given the plans of the Biden administration to hire an additional 87,000 agents for the Internal Revenue Service.

The report emphasized Perry’s cellphone got seized through a warrant, which was issued after approval by a judge.

However, the subpoenas presented to the GOP lawmakers in Pennsylvania were not approved by a magistrate judge. The recipients are still supposed to comply unless they decide to take the subpoena to court.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.