FBI Coerced Citizens to Forfeit Second Amendment Rights Without Even a Hearing

In the midst of a nationwide lack of trust in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (resulting from years of allegations that the agency regularly abused its authority to rig elections in favor of Democrats), newly released papers reveal another instance of FBI power abuse. 

According to records made available by Daily Caller writer Gabe Kaminsky, the FBI surreptitiously coerced an undetermined number of Americans to forfeit their constitutional right to bear guns.

This happened without them having been convicted of a crime in a regular courtroom, another basic right.

FBI Form

After a judicial struggle to compel the FBI to respond to Gun Owners of America’s (GOA) open records request, the presence of a form that FBI agents purportedly persuaded Americans to sign after showing up at their doorsteps was revealed.  

Robert Olson, GOA’s attorney, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that individuals targeted by these forms are not ‘prohibited persons’ and have not committed a crime that may be prosecuted. 

The FBI asserts it stopped using the form in 2019; however, records uncovered reveal the FBI utilized the form at least 15 times to deprive American individuals of their inherent rights outside the constitutional system of a fair trial in U.S. courts.

“The FBI failed to identify any legal basis for the paperwork,” writes Kaminsky. 

Several of those whom the FBI coerced into signing the form were probed after social media threats were lodged against them. 

Many leftists view disagreement with their viewpoints as violent. Big Tech corporations that control what Americans can view online use this justification to block anyone who asserts that men cannot transform into women. 

Police have approached people in the United Kingdom for opposing leftist gender ideology. Meanwhile in Finland, a parliamentarian has been prosecuted for citing the Bible on homosexuality. 

“Domestic Terrorist”

The Biden administration also labeled domestic terrorist threats as numerous typical conservative political positions. 

President Joe Biden equated the 74 million Americans who voted for his 2020 opponent with “domestic radicals,” or a terrorist danger, last week. 

As instances of “violent domestic extremism,” a 2021 Department of Homeland Security paper cited opinions held by tens of millions of Americans, such as supporting only lawful immigration, raising worries about bulk mail-in voting, and opposing COVID restrictions and lockdowns. 

Per a poll conducted two weeks ago, fifty percent of Independent voters and sixty-eight percent of Republican voters believe the FBI and Justice Department are crooked.

Whistleblowers from the FBI recently informed Congress the Biden administration is requesting they label cases as “domestic extremism” in order to inflate their numbers and the severity of this threat. 

This is only one in a series of recent public revelations, thus demonstrating the widespread corruption of the federal law enforcement agency.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.